Man Allegedly Raped & Murdered Child, Mother tied Him up & Beaten To Death!!

Published on: 5/07/17 7:20 AM

Everyday 8/10 women’s are been allegedly raped and brutally murdered. Rapes are fourth most crime of India, women security in India is worse. Here women’s are asked to be ashamed of being molested or raped. Women are thought to cover themselves. Is that correct?? Do you think it’s fair?

What is a mistake of a small Childs who are been molested, sexually harassed or being raped? What’s wrong with their actions or in a dress?  The fact is very shameful for us and we have to admit it.

Recently a 7 YO child was being raped and murdered by a man. Later he was caught by a mother of 7-year-old & bunch of women and what they did will oddly satisfy you.  They tied him with a rope and beaten him with cane till his last breath.

The suspect, identified by the Hindustan Times as Mithun Hansda, 25, allegedly attacked the girl after they had both attended a local wedding.LiveLeak

One of a witness said: “People caught hold of the ‘rapist and murderer’ and tied him up. “In the morning he was dragged to a clearing where an all-women group rained batons on him until he was dead.” “The mother of the girl, who was holding a toddler in her arms, led the attack.”

Police arrived too late on the spot. Later, found the body of a child near the river bank and took both bodies away as part of their investigation. Police are investigating the matter. Incident took place in Dumka in the north Indian state of Jharkhand and video was recorded on phone.


A Silent Claps for these heroes!! Check the video over here:


What these ladies did is correct or every time a woman is raped or molested, she should live under the harsh reality and with the terror all her life? Please share your views with us in the comment section below.

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