Man Rescues Three Shark Pups From Dead Mother Body

Published on: 16/05/17 8:36 AM

A video that is equally gruesome and inspiring has been released showing a man pulling three live shark pups from the stomach of their dead mother.

The man in the video cut open the dead shark after a family member noticed movement inside the stomach of the fish - which had washed up on a beach in Georgia, USA

When the man cut into the shark's stomach a sack holding a shark pup was revealed.

The man manages to free the shark from its sack and carries it to the water - being careful to keep his hands away from its razor sharp teeth.

When he returns to the dead shark's carcass he finds two more shark pups inside, both alive.

Once all the shark pups have been put into the ocean an onlooker can he heard saying "I think that is the coolest thing I have ever seen."

Footage shows the moment a man cuts open a dead shark and finds three live shark pups in its belly on a beach off the coast of Georgia, USA