Marks Don’t Define Your Knowledge And These People Proved It!

Published on: 18/05/18 2:00 PM

School Life Vs Real Life!

Marks don’t define knowledge as most attain it by mugging up the subjects. So its illogical to tag someone knowledgeable basis their marks. As school life is different from real life as you learn to face real-life problems and learn to deal with them. Although these people failed in schooling they set an example of “success after failure”.

A. Sandeep Maheshwari, Motivational Speaker


Sandeep Maheshwari is a warrior who struggled, failed but never backed down in life. He never let failure define him and turned into an inspiration himself. And the reason behind being successful is that he resigned from his comfort zone repeatedly to lit a lamp of change all around the globe. He is now an owner of ImageBazaar but he had a difficult academic life. He faced lot many problems before becoming a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

B. Kalpana Saroj, Inspiring Business Woman


She was married at the age of 12, and it didn’t end here! And was also abused in her teenage by her husband. Facing all these tortures she even wanted to commit suicide. But destiny wanted her to be alive. So she later got help from her uncle, when she was 16 years of age. From having a troubled childhood but she didn’t give up on life.  Despite failing in her childhood to buying her own assets in Kamani Tubes, she started with the tailoring business and proved to be an iron lady.

C. Biswa, Comedian


Biswa is popular for his jokes and humor but do you know what he faced? He was fired from his job within three months of work. Although he passed from a good college and this cruel job snatch made him depressed in life.

And He Wrote On Facebook Saying-

“These things made me feel like a spectacular failure. I was depressed for a couple of years and I lost around 8 kgs. I was thin to begin with. Thankfully I had friends to support me throughout.”

This guy has now struggled from that point to be an internet sensation known for his jokes and humor. He credits his friends to support him in that phase when he felt worthless about himself.

D. Kangana Ranaut, Actress


Kangna is also a normal girl that doesn’t have a good academic record. She failed in chemistry exam when she was in class 12th. Despite her failure with organic science made her land to the Bollywood screen. And now the actress is seen building an amazing chemistry on screen with her co-actors with her acting skills. She would have been a doctor but she never appeared in AIPMT exam. And her failure landed her to her dream door- Bollywood.

E. Akshay Kumar, Actor


Akshay Kumar is an incredible and versatile actor. As a kid, he was never inclined to studies and so he even failed in an examination. That day he feared to get his report card signed by his parents as he failed in one of the subjects. He still dared to get it signed and told his father he wanted to continue with his martial arts training for which he was sent out of hometown as well. And after learning arts he trained kids and one of the kind’s [parent asked him to act in Bollywood That’s when he gave audition and on first screening, he was offered his first film and now we cant image action or comedy movies without him. From learning martial arts to joining Bollywood to completing 27 years in the entertainment industry. He traveled a Long long way!

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