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Meet the Man Who Invented the Hashtag “#”

Published on: 2/05/18 5:10 PM

invention of hashtags by chris messina

Millions of people use Hashtag “#” on social networking platforms every day. Whenever anything trends on the social networking sites, it comes with # (hashtag). This pound sign (#) was also a normal symbol like other symbols. One man thought to change the way conversations start and organized on the social networking platforms.

Chris Messina is the inventor of Hashtag “#”. He has spent more than a decade by working as a product designer at Silicon Valley. Millions of people picked his idea and used the Hashtag to put their thoughts on the social networking sites.

Now the renowned social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and some other social media channels are using # to trend anything special goes around the globe. The hashtag has become a symbol that can anytime make one man the king and another man a beggar.

How did Christ come across the Hashtag?

You don’t need to be a great scientist or scholar if you want to invent something useful. Chris Messina has proved that. He has been working as a product designer in Silicon Valley. He used to run an internet consulting firm during 2007. Chris had thought to develop a group organizing framework at that time.

Chris’s idea was mainly implementable on Twitter. He thought about using the pound symbol to trend important things on Twitter. It was not possible if Twitter did not pick the idea. Chris tried to inform Twitter about his Idea, but Twitter’s response was quite disappointing. They thought it is a nerdy idea and it would never happen.

Chris didn’t give up and then his dream came true

twitter opposing hashtags message


Twitter rejected Chris’s idea and he was quite sad about it. He did not give up and asked his colleagues to use Hashtag and let’s check how people react to his Idea. This was the only way of resolving the existing issues at that time. Chris’s friends were tweeting about the 2007 San Diego wildfire. He asked them to the hashtag. He suggested the use of #sandiegofire with all the tweets those buddies were making. It was something new for the twitter users. They waited for a while and then many other people were using the same hashtag. People wanted to express their view about the incident and the #Sandiegofire hashtag offered them a platform to speak louder.

Chris did not get any penny for his invention

This may sound a bit sad, but Chris Messina did not receive any paycheck from the social networking sites for his idea. Chris’s idea soon became a reality. The users were able to search content by using targeted hashtags on Twitter. It had added the hashtag search feature during 2009. Other social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook had also adopted Chris’s idea during 2010 and 2012 respectively.

Many people might not get how important Hashtag’s intention was. If Chris Messina did not struggle to make Hashtag a reality, we might never get organized trends on Twitter and other social networking platforms. It was a great idea, used by millions of people every day and implemented by many social networking sites. Chris did not get anything for it. Therefore, we should not miss any opportunity of praising this man.



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