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Meet The New Gmail, Offering Better Security With Some More Interesting Features

Published on: 27/04/18 10:17 AM

Gmail is one of the most widely used email clients. It is an integral part of Google’s G suit that has around 4 million paid business users. It is 2nd most widely used app suit after Microsoft’s Office 360 because it has more than 120 million paid subscribers.

Gmail has been the prime target for the hackers within the last few years. Some high-profile hacks took place during the 2016 Presidential Election of America. People had started thinking that Gmail’s days are over. That did not happen because 1.4 billion active users trusted this platform and continued using it.

The company knows that people will soon stop using Gmail if it will not provide them with something new. So, the new version of Gmail is available for the users. It will be a great support for business owners and regular mail users. Features like disappearing messages will offer something new to the users. Let’s find out what else this New Gmail has for the users.

A new design with new features

This time Google is featuring new Gmail with a mildly cleaned-up design. It will comprise some priority features coupled with some regular features. There will be some special changes, like task panel, calendar, etc. All in all, there will be a finely overhauled Gmail app. You can get it this week and check how effective the new changes and features are.

Improved security and other features

Google does not want to compromise with the security anymore. It is featuring some impressive security features in the new Gmail app that every user would like. The key security features are:

  • Confidential Mode:

Suppose you are sharing something sensitive and want to protect it against the hacker, turn on the confidential mode by clicking on the lock icon at the bottom of the email. The users can decide the viewing time for a message. It means a message or mail can delete automatically within 1 day to 5 years if the confidential mode is on. The recipient will get a passcode to unlock the message and read it. All the confidential messages will open in a special window. The recipient can read it but he cannot forward, copy, or print it. The sender can revoke his email anytime. The Email Revoke feature will be active, even if the mail is sent to a non-Gmail account.


  • Warning against suspicious emails:

Whenever there will be a suspicious email in your account, Gmail will show large color-coded warnings. There are many suspicious individuals who try to hack email accounts by using low-tech phishing scams. The advance warning can save many users from falling into the trap of hackers.

The Machine Vision algorithm is deployed to scan all the emails users receive. This algorithm checks all the details to determine if there is any risk. The Gmail users have been seeking such a spam control feature for a long time. Now Gmail is finally offering it.

  • Nudging feature:


It can be quite tough to check multiple emails at a time, especially when you are but all the emails are important. Gmail’s Nudging feature is going to make this job easier. It will automatically push three important emails at the top that you can check immediately.

  • Additional features

Additional features include smart replies that will prevent you from typing the whole messages. The new Gmail variant can identify useless email subscriptions so that you can unsubscribe as soon as possible. All the attachments will load in a small box and snooze button for scheduled views replies.

As you can see, the New Gmail is a revamped application. We believe it will succeed in regaining people’s trust as the best email client.

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