Mithila Palkar’s TEDx Talk Is A Perfect Dose Of Motivation For People Struggling In Life..!!

Published on: 28/06/18 11:39 AM

Mithila Palkar’s TEDx Talk Has Something To Share

We all have faced some hardships in our life but what makes us is the “Never Give Up” Attitude. As the people who kept going were the ones that were destined for success. Mithila Palkar is a popular actress that had her very first TEDx Talk at NIT Silchar, Assam. She spoke her heart out to all young adults that are finding it difficult to coordinate with the fast pacing life.

Its Okay To Lead A Life Without A Plan

Give Your Best And Don’t Try Controlling Life

Failure Is Not The End Remember It

Mithila Palkar Tedx Talk - Success Failure Quote

Being Clueless is OKAY

Mithila Palkar Tedx Talk - Decision Making Quote

Don’t Prove Anything To Anyone Because You Are Priceless…

Mithila Palkar Tedx Talk Quotes

You Can Make Others Happy Only If You Are HAPPY

Mithila Palkar Tedx Talk - Happiness Quote

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