Modern Marriage Stereotypes Perpetrated By Bollywood

Published on: 4/04/20 10:01 AM

Bollywood Marriage Stereotypes

Only Bollywood can manage to insert exaggerated versions and stereotypes even in the new age of cinema. Bollywood seems to not be able to let go of its usual over-dramatization of things.

One such thing that Bollywood is still not able to get right is its depiction of marriage.

Today, we bust some new kinds of stereotypes that Bollywood is managing to perpetrate, even in the age of new cinema.

A good looking wife does not act like a femme fatale all the time

It is so depressing to see a sexually confident wife often portrayed as a femme fatale on Bollywood movies. There is a line between sexually confident and sexually aggressive. God knows why filmmakers in Bollywood cannot show a normal, sexually confident married woman who doesn’t bat her eyelashes, or looks like she is high all the time.

Husbands are usually not all that groomed

Many married guys don’t look like this.

Kartik Aryaan -Varun Dhawan - Bollywood Stereotypes

We don’t know what it is about marriage. Maybe it’s the complacency, or the good food prepared by the wife out of love, but marriage leads to a good love handle within a few years. Point is, you don’t find a guy is so well groomed even after 3 years.

Frustrated wives don’t start affairs the moment they’re separated

One of the weirdest stereotypes that Bollywood is trying to portray is the open mindedness of women. That is not a wrong thing to show, but it is being inaccurately portrayed by these movies. For example, in Tanu Weds Manu Returns, when Tanu leaves Manu and comes back to India, she tries to move on by flirting with all the guys she had ever been involved with.

As a woman, I can safely say that if I have been frustrated with a guy and broken up with him, I would want a guy cleanse, instead of immediately hooking up with another guy. That breakup will be an opportunity to rediscover my freedom and sanity, at least for some time.

Husbands and wives usually don’t dance in such perfect sync

When it comes to dancing, many married Indian men are shy to even step up. Even if they do get down on the dance floor, it is an awkward or funny kind of dance. It is rare to see such a well-timed, perfectly choreographed dance number amongst couples like this.

Husband and wife don’t look at each other so lovingly after so many years

Akshay Kumar- Padman - Marriage Stereotypes in Movie

We aren’t saying that love is dead or something. It is just that there are very rare couples who can look at each other so lovingly after so many years. People who have been with each other for a long time often try to express their love subtly. A hint of a smile in another direction is often enough of an expression.

When can Bollywood finally get over the stereotypes???

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