Molossia: A Micronation With A Population Just Of 33 Citizens!!

Published on: 6/07/17 8:42 AM

Molossia is a micronation in the world which is in Nevada, US. Molossia i.e pronounced as pronounced moe-LAAHSS-eeyah is spread in just 11.3 acres. It has a population of 33 people and a couple of dogs.

This micronation Molossia has its own border control, bank, currency, navy, railroad, postal service. This isn’t enough Molossia also has its own tourist attractions, measurement systems, holidays online radio station and even its own time zone. Con you believe it, a tiny nation with such things and all its own.

Molossia’s President Kevin Baugh after seeing the Cold War Satire film “The Mouse That Roared’ decided to form the country with his own school friend James Spielman in 1977 then named as the Grand Republic of Vuldstein. While Baugh became Prime Minister Of this Tiny Nation his friend Spielman Became the King of the Nation.

The country has its own constitution and laws. President Baugh guards the border with the US. Even visitors need to approve their passport and stamped to get the entry in the micro country.

 The 54-year-old President Baugh told MailOnline: “I love being dictator; it is fantastic. “At one point, six months ago, we had seven humans and five dogs and it was kind of crowded but we worked it all out.”

His wife and First Lady Adrianne says he is an excellent ruler but admits to the occasional traitorous act.
She said: “We have a very fair and benevolent dictator. I do tease him that I am going to secede and that I am going to change the flag to pink and purple and glitter just to rile him up.”

Aren’t you planning for your next trip to Molossia, even I am looking forward to it? Share your views with us.

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