Hey Beautiful-Lets Beat The Rain And Look Glamorous This Monsoon!

Published on: 29/06/18 11:53 AM


Many things get entangled with the hit of monsoon so let’s untangle those thread of dressing to embrace this season with wide open hands. As monsoon is all about rain and looking best in this season is a task in itself. Quickly scroll to know what are those areas that can help us slay in this monsoon season.


Monsoon is about embracing the weather and beating the dull mundane weather. You can beat the grey and dull weather with blue, red, green, and orange. Try avoiding light shades like- white or baby pink as such colors can get messy in monsoon. Because wearing a white color in monsoon can attract more stains than glamour.

Trousers Vs Skirts


Long trousers are a big no as they’ll get dirty quickly and so get them altered to prevent your long length trouser to catch water. If your workplace allows going for a formal skirt, be sure it’s knee length. Three quarters and capris are perfect for office selection. While others can go for wearing a dark colored pant with a light color crop top.

Coats and Jackets


Team up your western attire with a coat or jacket to keep you warm during chilly evening breeze. As jackets can protect you against the cold that will gradually accompany the rainy season. It can be paired with a formal shirt to get the desired look.

Indian Outfits

Indian Outfits Selection for Rainy Season


If you prefer a more traditional Indian outfit during monsoon season go for short Kurtis with leggings or churidars. As long dupattas get difficult to manage during the rains and can be replaced with either a scarfs or stole. Stay away from prints or color that can get washed in rain.


Footwear for Monsoon Season


Avoid wearing leather shoes or sandals as they soak water and dry very slowly. Instead, go for jelly shoes, flats, flip-flops, floaters and any other footwear that is slip resistant. Avoid loose sandals as they are good at squirting the dirt back on you. Go for flats and floaters that ensure the flow of air and keep your feet dry and fresh.


The moist outdoor atmosphere can make your hair go frizzy. So either you can Tie your hair into a neat bun, braid or a ponytail to keep things under control. And even if you wish to keep your hairs open just to make sure you keep them properly combed and oiled to later wash it away.


Monsoon Season Makeup Tips


Waterproof kajal and eye-liner should opt at the time of monsoon. So try going natural and embrace the real beauty you possess as you were beautiful even before using these products.

Western Outfit

Avoid denim in monsoon as they take a long time to dry in monsoon, so having them in rainy season is not a good idea. You can also go for wearing- maxi dress, mid-length dress, jumpsuit, rompers, skirts and even wraparounds.


Umbrella Selection - Monsoon Style tips


Get an umbrella for yourself hat could help you team up with every color. You can go for a transparent umbrella or even bright shades like- maroon or red to always be a pretty lady drifting by the lane that is sassy and stylish.

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