Most dangerous foods in the world

Published on: 7/04/17 11:55 AM

Live Octopus


Most of us prefer our food to be dead when it reaches our plate – but not in Korea. There you can order live octopus, which is chopped up and seasoned while still alive. The danger is the suction cups, which are still active and can stick to your throat, potentially suffocating you.



Loved in Jamaica, ackee fruit must only be eaten when fully ripe and properly prepared. Eat too soon and toxins in the fruit can result in severe vomiting and can even lead to death.



Pufferfish, or “fugu”, is the world’s most dangerous delicacy. Chefs in Japan go through several years of training to learn how to remove the toxic parts of the fish, which are 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. Eating just a tiny amount (a pin head) of the wrong bit can be lethal.



Bullfrogs are usually considered a delicacy in certain African nations, where people eat the whole frog, not just the legs. However, they contain a range of toxic substances harmful to humans, especially young frogs who are yet to breed — they carry a toxin that can lead to kidney failure

Raw Cashews Nuts

Even if you don’t have a nut allergy, never eat a cashew nut from the tree. Raw cashews contain a toxic substance that can be fatal if eaten in large quantities. The raw cashews in supermarkets have been steamed to remove the dangerous chemical.

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