Most mysterious places in India with incredibly fascinating stories

Published on: 6/12/19 5:38 PM

Mysterious Places with chilling stories in India

When it comes to mysterious places with chilling stories, we feel India may just top the list. At each direction, you’ll find a mystery that is so eerie that the whole place surrounding the area gives you the jitters. Mix in the local folklore and what you get is a bonfire story that you want to listen to again and again.

Seriously, in terms of statistics, there is a shocking number of weird places in India which are inaccessible or fascinating or mysterious, not to mention mind-boggling. No person on earth, and no kind of science can explain how exactly the stuff that happens, happens. Today we take our head out of the beautiful, and take a look at the spooky, right in India.

Kuldhara: Ghostown

Mystery behind the ghost town kuldhara

Once a prosperous town of Paliwal Brahmins, Kuldhara, a small village in Rajasthan, suddenly became a spot of unbelievable mystery overnight. One day, the men from neighbouring villages came to the village and saw that the village that was abundantly populated up until the previous night had now been completely deserted. Legend has it that the residents decided to leave the place to break free from tortures and unjust taxes levied by the evil ruler Salim Singh. The villagers thus decided to embark on an exodus, but not before cursing the village, and anyone who would ever dare to live there. As a result, Ghost town Kuldhara is still deserted to this day.

Alien Rock paintings at Charama:

Alien Rock paintings at Charama

It is claimed by many that the tribal regions in Charama near Bastar could be the hub of aliens who are into some serious space travel. The caves near the town of Charama have been discovered by Indian archaeologist JR Bhagat, as containing some ancient paintings. Paintings on walls! Typical right? Well, not really. These ancient paintings are different from others in that they contain figures that look very much like modern depictions of alien creatures and alien aircrafts. What’s more? The locals surrounding the area have been regaling tales of how small ‘Rohela’ people who used to land from disc like lying objects, and kidnapping villagers. Is that a coincidence?

Kodinhi- the twin town:

Kodinhi- the twin town - Mystery Place in India

Alright, it’s not a town, it’s a village. We used ‘town’ for alliteration and drama. But the idea is true. This little village of barely 2000 families has conceived a whopping 400 sets of twins. An argument can be made via genetics, but that still doesn’t explain the fact of how the number of twins in the village is growing every year, despite having no interconnected familial ties, or relations, or heritage.

Son Bhandar caves in Rajgir, Bihar

Mystery about the place in bihar

As the name suggests, this chiseled-out-of-a-single-rock caves has been the stuff of legends that dates back to the Mauryan Empire. According to stories, when the Mauryan King Bimbisara (King Ashoka’s father) was imprisoned by his own son Ajatashatru, he directed his wife to hide a large chunk of his treasure in this cave. Apparently, British colonialists had tried to get their hands onto the hidden cave, but even cannonballs could not make way for the greedy British. This makes us quite happy. At least there was something on Indian soil that defeated the mighty technology of the British.

The Jaigarh Fort Treasure

The Jaigarh Fort Treasure Fascinating Story

The Jaigarh fort has been always shrouded in a veil of mystery and adventure. Local legends say that Man Singh, Akbar’s Defence Minister hid a huge booty acquired from Afghanistan and hid it somewhere in the fort. However, after several searches, it hasn’t been found. The fort came under public eye yet again when Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi got a tip-off that the water tanks hid the treasure and initiated a thorough search of the entire fort. But Alas! Even Mother India could not discover the secrets buried within.

Spooked yet? We sure are.

Maybe the next time you think of going on an adventure vacation, you might want to chuck Cape town, or Machu Picchu for Kodhini or Jaigarh.

Trust us, even if there may not be rivers or mountains there, but something much more priceless does;

The incredible, amazing, and fascinating AF stories and lore.

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