Most Of Us Can Relate To These Thoughts That We Encounter While Ordering Food Online..!!

Published on: 25/06/18 9:30 AM

What Are Those Thought That We Encounter While Ordering
Food Online..?

Sometimes we become so moody that we ditch our regular diet and end up ordering food online. And when we choose laziness above activeness we tend to pay higher prices for our orders. Agreed?? And as some food joints don’t deliver you until you fill the minimum order purchase of Rs. 500, etc. As a result, you tend to go for overpriced order sometime. The minimum purchase order may vary basis city and the goodwill of that food joint in your area.

And When You Crave A Coffee And Decide Ordering it and you see its worth Rs. 500 excluding delivery. And you think seeing its price- Isme sone jade hai ya Chandi, kis bat ki hai Bhai ye overpricing? Here are a few thoughts that hit our mind when we come across when we order food online and what struggle do we come across.

What If The Price Is Not Worth Spending On Such Order?

Its the first question that pops up in our brain when we decide to order online. What if it’s not worth spending. Our biggest regret is definitely not spending money but it’s not getting back the returns out of that investment done by us.

You Start Mummering This Song When Your Order Gets Late

The minute we order food, and we expect the delivery guy to come to our premise. However, out the point of concern is timely delivery after all who loves waiting. And when we are to wait for our order its nothing less than the song-  Intehaan ho Gayi intezaar ki, aayi na kabhar mere khane ki…

Cash Or Bank- What Should I Choose?

Thought of whether to pay in cash or net banking - Ordering Food Online

Just like selecting an order it’s equally difficult to choose the payment method. The decision of finalizing the payment mode depends whether we order it at the beginning of the month or at the month end.

Choosing A Crust And Topping Becomes A Task..!!


Nothing is so difficult when we choose to go to a food outlet and have food. But things go difficult when we order it online. What topping should I opt for or which crust should I take? Then comes the next question from which website or food outlet shall I place my order? Will They customize it or not?? These small yet important questions take our peace away.

Percentage Off On Order?

Looking out for best offers - Ordering Food Online

Indians love discounts and so if you are not offering it, you are not attracting customers. Free food or add-ons attract us more as we always keep a value for money perception at the time of ordering it. So, if an online website offers it we think about ordering it.

It’s Making And Hygiene..?

Hygiene - Thought while ordering food online

We tend to go particular about hygiene and quality so much that we withdraw ourself from placing an order online, sometime. But we cant ask these things being outspoken as it might sound like we are doubting them and actually we are doubting them but we cant show that explicitly. A Famous dialogue given by Jonny lever explains it- ‘Shakahari ke pet mein machchi… aai shapat kai tari hai gochi. 😀 😀

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