Mouth Watering Food Items That Can Make Monsoon Even More Satisfying..!!

Published on: 2/07/18 9:20 AM

Food Items That Make You LOVE Monsoon MORE…!

Dear food lovers fall in love with good food this monsoon as it is your month to curl up in bed with some hot beverage. Monsoon is all about a lively weather that is further accompanied by good steamy food. Do you know what are those delicacies that can make your monsoon even more special? These items are sure on the list as you cant stop yourself from not having it, this monsoon season.

IRREPLACEABLE Urge Of Having Masala Tea


Even a non-tea lover would love to have masala tea in monsoon. You know cardamom or ginger flavored tea makes it a must-have thing in monsoon. Crazy about tea, or not, you can’t resist a cup in the rains.

Pakoras Are Must In MONSOON


In monsoon, we start loving hot food so much that we can have all variety of hot beverages. Pakora’s have a wide variety of items to choose from like-onion, potato, paneer or chili. It’s easy to make and all it require is besan, veggies, oil, kadhai, salt, and spices to make the best evening snack.

Hot Samosas With Chutney


OMG..!! Samosa is heaven as Monsoon doesn’t seem like monsoon if this food item is not made or eaten. Even samosas have variety like- Chinese samosa, pasta samosa, keema samosa, nutria samosa, paneer samosa or aloo samosa.

Hot Roasted Bhutta


No man can fulfill the joy of having the stove cooked-hot bhutta accompanied by your friends and family. To enhance the taste of the same go for adding some garnish of lemon juice and masala. Get corn arrest this monsoon as its a mandatory item and specialty of this season.

Our Midnight Craving Partner Maggi


Instantly cooked food like -Maggi that too ‘baarish vali maggi’ has an ultimate taste and happiness to trespass. Even maggies have options, you can either cook a normal maggie, tadke wali maggie with some chilis, tomato and potatoes added, a chicken fried maggie, cheesy-Maggi for cheese lovers.

Hot Momos


Food lovers know what to eat, so be it a steamed or fried momo they are going to gulp it in one take. As it’s an irresistible food item that catches you on sight and makes you have it. It can also be customized with gravy or sauces or soups to let it make your day and let your soul crave some more. The spicy chilli sauce and mayonnaise just make us wanting more of it.

Steaming Hot Soup


If someone said to you that soup is only made for winters, know that it’s untrue. Because the pouring rain outside make the house cold inside so having a soup can work as a powerhouse for you. Soups can be veg or non-veg depending upon your craving, taste, and preference at that moment. Be it tomato, corn, manchow or even chick soup its worth the try this season.

Tandoori Chicken


Eating a spicy and smoky chicken when it rain outside is just heaven inside. Grilled and tandoori-style chicken is rich in health benefits as compared to the fried variant.

Cup of Hot Chocolate


A warm cup of hot chocolate while its raining outside is like a best friend sitting next to you and respecting you more. Just kidding..!! It’s the best partner when you have a good book to unfold chapters.

Hot Jalebi/Imartis

Not every person crave something spicy and for the sweet craving people go for having jalebi’s or imarti’s to know what is a pure form of sweetness. They look so unresistible that you cant stop your hands from not having this sweetie pie that is here to make your day.