Which Are Those Movies Of Bollywood Industry That Were Deficient In Serving Entertainment?

Published on: 7/08/18 2:26 PM

All-Time Worst Movies Of Bollywood Industry..!!

Which are those deficient movies that are rated worst based on public experience? Do you know which movies have nailed this list of movies? We are here to reveal the entire list in front of you.


All Time Worst Movie Bollywood Buzz News

Himmatwala movie was actually a dare for the audience and as the name says -himmatwala. The person courageous enough to watch this was actually a 😀 “himmatwala”. 😛  .  Kudos! to those who dared to watch this movie and good job! to those who didn’t watch it. The story revolves around an evil landlord that falsely accuses a temple priest of stealing money. That causes latter to commit suicide, so his son takes revenge on the landlord by marrying his daughter.


Deficient Bolllywood Movie of all time

Another failed blockbuster that left the audience with “Karzzz” and was actually a curse 😀 of Indian cinema to the audience. So cheers! to those who never watched and sympathy! to the ones that actually watched. The movie is about the guy monty who had the vision to break in Kenya basis his doctor advice. And soon his girlfriend finds him falling for an older women Kamini.



To the people who want to waste some time and know how creativity can be converted into pun should watch this movie. As the movie has an orphan youth Aditya who later discovers his family belongs to the ancestral warrior. Who is responsible for taking responsibility by guarding mystical cosmic energy. Those who never watched are blessed! while those who watched just know our sympathy is with you! As its one of the know stupid movie of Indian cinema.

Aap Kaa Surroor


Another blockbuster hit in worst movies was “Aap Ka Surroor”. An Indian rock star gets arrested for a murder of a journalist. And when no one helps him he breaks out from prison to win his love and reclaim his lost identity.



A movie that is not less than a punishment for the audience. So if you are fed up with someone make them watch this movie to have ultimate fun. In the movie, a police officer’s family is killed by a dacoit. So he hires two professionals to catch them.

Race 3


Worst movie award of 2018 goes to Race 3. As the movie literally made audience run from the hall. Because of the movie, many people felt bad about the concept of making such a movie. The movie is disconnected from many ends that make the audience why- “How can this happen?”

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