Mumbai Police ‘Deathly Hallows’ Message For Road Safety. Wins Hearts Of The Twitteratis.

Published on: 31/10/18 3:49 PM

Mumbai Police Awesome Creative Twitter Account

The Mumbai Police Twitter account is impressive with their awesome creativity and amazing sense of wit and humor. Concerned about the safety of the citizens, the Mumbai Police social media account has awareness campaigns or measures to pass on to the public. This time the police used Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows reference to talk of road safety.

Here’s the tweet:

The deathly Hallows overcome death in Harry Potter’s magical world. But if one follows the rules, they would not encounter death is the message put across very creatively by the Mumbai Police. The people on Twitter too were impressed with the latest tweet. Check how some of them reacted.






People love this creative side of Mumbai Police and it has been appreciated earlier also. Making citizens aware by posting entertaining and meaningful stuff is a way of reminding people of the basic rules which must be followed by everyone.


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