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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Cryptic Tweet on Racism Is A Wake up Call for One & All!!

Published on: 19/07/17 12:00 PM

We all get offended when anyone trolls us on our complexion, physical appearance.  Is being fair or dark is by choice? When will this racism reach its end? Once Actor like Abhay Deol voiced his view on Bollywood celebrities endorsing fairness creams and made many apologies for doing so.

Nawazuddins tweet against racism

When Indian Celeb’s face racism in western countries we all reviled it a lot. But, it is sad that other than ‘Nepotism’ Bollywood also entertains ‘Racism’ in the same flow. It hurts when a very talented and versatile actor has to face racism in Bollywood.

Nawazuddin is one of finest actor we have in Bollywood. In a recent tweet of Nawaz, it is clear that he has also faced Racism in Bollywood. Nawaz was working on his upcoming flick ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’,

In a Recent Interview with Deccan Chronicle Sanjay Chouhan, Casting Director, of ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’ said,

“Keeping Nawaz in mind, all other characters were taken on board. We can’t cast fair and handsome people with Nawaz. It would look so weird. You have to take people with distinct features and personalities when pairing them with him.”

Nawazuddins tweet against racism

This Statement of Chouhan hurt Nawazuddin very badly and later he gave voice to his feeling in his Tweet. However, Nawazuddin’s this befitting response against racism is damn classy and is an eye opener for one and all.

Here is Nawazuddin’s Tweet:

On Tuesday, In a press-conference with Tiger Shroff for recently release ‘Munna Michael’ when he was asked question on his tweet against racism, he said,

“I tweeted what I felt. Someone had said something to me and that tweet is a reply to that. No, the industry is not like that. But that person belongs to the industry, whose reply I have given. I have been hearing that since childhood but still I am still here and the industry has accepted me. When I was young and I expressed my desire to become an actor, people around me said, ‘Have you looked at yourself?’. Even later, when I used to go to offices in Mumbai, everyone used to tell me that I don’t look like an actor. So these things are there everywhere, not just in Bollywood,” 

Nawazuddins tweet against racism
No doubt Nawaz has huge Fan following and his fan came forward in his support & proved that there is still beautiful heart left on earth.

Have look on fans love for Nawazuddin:

Well, Nawaz Sir, You are our all time favorite, talent speaks more than complexion and no one can dare to doubt on your versatility!! You always Rock!!

Nawazuddins tweet against racism

Not only in Bollywood but from every corner of one’s mind Racism should vanish. Let’s see when this happens. There are many people like Sanjay Chouhan who need a wakeup call.

What is your view on ‘Racism’ and how it can be Shift+Del from our mind and soul? Share your view with us!!