Never Heard Facts That Will Make You Jump Out Of Bed !

Published on: 25/04/18 5:10 PM

Facts That Will Make You Go Crazy !!

Do you know about a dolphin’s breath? Have you observed a person with a good humor holding hidden potential which is yet to be discovered? Do you know where was first human existence found? If these questions are bringing a “No” to you, don’t worry we have all answers to your questions.

1- Brain


Do you know that average male’s brain is about 10% Bigger than that of females? While men fail to customize their brain while females succeed in organizing their brain.

2- Being Skinny


Girls aim to be style arrest with the trending fashion be it related to clothes or related to ideal body shape. But girls we are glad to inform you that you have been thinking wrong about being skinny. Sorry for bringing this to the table but the reality is- most guys don’t find skinny girls attractive. While a man with taste goes for a girl who owns a great heart and not body, shape or color.

3- Nine Dots


Do you know from where was the phrase “Thinking outside the Box” evolved?  This phase got famous being a solution to the topographical puzzle involving 9 dots in a box shape which gave birth to this phase.

4- Liquid Smoke


Are you a big-time fan of steamed food? If yes, you’ll be shocked to know that the fumes you see in your food are not the smoke you imagine to be. The Liquid Smoke used in food is actually a condensed smoke not caused due to a bunch of artificial flavors.

5- Humor Therapy


Are you the one who is always found laughing or cracking jokes in your group??  If yes, we have a good news for you. A person that holds a strong sense of humor, tends to be honest and hold higher intelligence level.

6- Beaches


Have you been to a country that owns around 10,000 beaches? Yes, such a country exists. It’s Austraila that owns over 10,000 beaches, that you can visit the beaches every day for over 27 years.

7- Human Discovery


Do you know which was the place where human presence was first discovered? As per some believers, the earliest Evidence of human presence was first discovered in 1200 BC in Ireland.

8- Breath In Breath Out


Dolphins rank among the cutest species but do you know they can’t breathe on their own?? Yes, they can’t, so every breath they take is their conscious effort to stay alive.

9- Pescetarians


Do you know who are pescetarians?? These are vegetarians who eat fish and their food is counted as vegetarian and not non-vegetarian.

10- Most Expensive City


Do you know which is the most expensive city?? No. We have an answer for you. Basis 2016 survey, London was declared as the “6th Most Expensive City” in terms of living lifestyle.