Never Heard Things About The Popular Company-Apple?

Published on: 5/08/18 9:30 AM

Do You Know Those Never Heard Facts?

1. About Founders?

We All are aware of Steve Jobs as the founder of the company Apple but how many of you know who all founded it? Surely not all, some will say only two. But do you know, there were actually three owners of Apple like-Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak & Ronald Wayne. The man not know was Ronald Wayne. He was the person to come up with Apple’s first logo and helped them run this business.

2. Who Left And Why?

Do you know the third person to help apple was When he couldn’t see the potential in Apple he sold his share worth 800$ to Steve? If would not have given up on the company so early, he would have earned for his share about 40billion$.

3. Apple Was Started By A Calculator

How Apple came into existence - Did You Know That


Do you know that a calculator was sold to bring Apple into existence? At that point, a scientific calculator was more costly than a VW Microbus. Apple was started by a calculator as the same was sold by Steve jobs to make this company find its existence. And was sold for 500$ that is around 2000$ in terms of today’s money.

4. What Did Steve Sell To start With His Company?

Apple Facts - Steve Jobs Contribution to Start Apple Company

VW Microbus was also sold for bringing the company into existence. As Apple was more about getting ideas financially backed up. So to bring the Apple company, Steve Jobs sold his VW Microbus.

5. Steve Jobs Parents

Steve Jobs Adopted and Real Parents Wiki

Actual father of Steve Jobs was Abdul Fattah Jandali and Joanne Scheible who was pregnant in college. So the baby couldn’t be accepted by his mother and so Steve Jobs was put up for adoption. And his mother wanted him to be adopted by educated people but was actually adopted by Paul who was a high school dropout & Clara Johadn’to hadn’t finished college.

6. Clothing Line That was A Complete Failure

Did You Know - Apple Had a Clothing BrandSource

Do you know before transforming Apple into a Brand the company started with a clothing line in 1986? Yes, most don’t know about this as it badly failed. The company called it an Apple collection that didn’t seem like an Apple Thing.

7. The Slide To Unlock Feature

The Iconic Slide to Unlock Feature - Apple Facts


Do you know Apple owns the Slide Unlock Feature? No, many don’t know about it, but its true.

8. Apple IPAD Retina Display

Much Talked about Retina Display FactsSource

Do you know that Apple’s iPad retina is actually manufactured by SAMSUNG? The company noticed this feature is needed but it would be costly so they took the already made service from Samsung as that would be cheaper than creating it.

9. MAC Battery is Bulletproof

You Might Not Know - But Apple Laptop Batteries are Bullet Proof

The MAC Book can save your life as its bulletproof, so if you ever get attacked use this to protect yourself as it might save yours from loss of life.

10. Steve Jobs Forced Microsoft To Save APPLE

How Bill Gates Saved Apple

Apple suffered huge losses in 1997 so Steve offered a settlement deal worth 115 million$ to Bill Gates for non-voting shares at Apple. As the legal battles going with Microsoft from long made Apple Run out of cash.

11. Cost Of Most Expensive iPhone?

Most Expensive Apple Iphone Ever - Cost and Interesting Facts

Do you know what is the cost of most expensive iPhone? The most expensive iPhone in the world costs about 15 million$.