Never Try These Things If You Don’t Wish To Be Chased By A Ghost

Published on: 25/04/18 2:56 PM

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe they exist? Have you ever tried to find the answers to these questions? You must! The paranormal experts across the globe are using the advanced technology to track down the traces of these unknown anomalies.

Nobody has clear answers, but every expert believes in these 10 things that attract the ghosts. You should try to prevent these things if you do not want to invite the ghosts.

Never use the perfume after 12 am!


Whether you are at home or moving out to a remote location during the nighttime, avoid wearing perfume. Yes, they can sense the smell of your perfume. It is how you can unwillingly draw the attention of insatiable souls. So, avoid the use of perfume while alone at home, moving to a hotel, or walking alone on the secluded way.

Avoid the mirror during the devil’s hour!


Experienced by many individuals, looking at the mirror during the Devil’s hour can make you run out of the house. There are possibilities that your brain may show some weird images in the mirror and those images would be spooky enough to blow your mind.

Do not swim during the night!


You may believe like I’m a brave boy or girl and I do not believe in the ghosts, but a simple chirm can freeze you in the water. It does not matter that you are swimming alone in a pool or a river, weird incidents can be really threatening for your life.

Don’t choose an apartment with a violent history!


Are you planning to move into a house where a murder, suicide, or any other violent incident took place? It would be good for your health to avoid such a property. Violent activities like murder and suicide produce enough negative energy to draw many other negative entities.

Black Magic!


Today’s educated people do not believe in Black Magic. It may seem like something weird from a movie, but it is practiced all around the globe in all cultures. So, if you are going to practice black magic just for having fun, get ready for the adverse consequences.

Drug abuse!


The drug lovers might be wondering like “Why? What’s wrong with the drugs”. You become vulnerable to spooky spirits roaming around when you do the drugs. You invite the demons and let them attached to your life because of lack of physical, spiritual, and mental energy.

Staying alone while depressed!


Our body defends itself against all the unknown entities in a unique way. A person who is depressed becomes an easy target for unsatisfied spirits. They survive on depressed people and you would never like to be one of those individuals.

Do not whistle alone, while in the dark


It is not about the tune you are trying to play, but about the darkness. Any dark entity will take it as an invitation and then it would like to accompany you in its unique way. Another whistle from the closet will certainly give you goosebumps if whistle in the dark.

Keep the empty chair out of your bedroom!


The chairs start moving on their own when a place is haunted. If you think there is something negative or wrong in your home, keep the chair out of your bedroom. You would not like it if someone else from another world will sit on it and stare you throughout the night.

Do not work late during the night!


Problems like insomnia and depression will soon spoil your healthy life. You may see some weird objects during the nighttime because of these health issues. Therefore, you should avoid working late during the night. Sleep well to stay healthy. But, if there is something that doesn’t want you to sleep, it will soon make its presence known and then you should just leave that place.








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