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New Photos Emerge oF Manchester bomber Salman Abedi on night of Manchester arena attack

Published on: 28/05/17 8:58 AM

Police have named 22-year-old Salman Ramadan Abedi as the person who carried out the suicide bomb attack at Manchester Arena on Monday evening.

The demeanour of the suicide bomber who killed 22 appears ‘calm’, apparently giving no hint of his murderous intent that was to about to follow at the Ariana Grande concert.

Dressed unremarkably the 22 year old Terrorist Salman Abedi was wearing a Trendy designer jacket, jeans, a baseball cap & eye glasses. He also appears to be wearing a backpack with black straps before he makes his way to Manchester Arena to commit mass murder.


The images are the first to show how the 22-year-old looked when he detonated the bomb he was carrying in the worst terror attack in Britain for more than a decade.

These images, taken from CCTV cameras, were released yesterday by detectives piecing together the final movements of the callous killer. And in both pictures, the police have blacked out the background, suggesting they wished to protect the identities of people standing next to him at the time.

Abedi is believed to have put the final touches to his bomb in a city centre flat before he travelled to the concert which had an audience of 21,000 mainly young people and children.

Sky news reported that the man took £250 from a cash machine and then went shopping in the Arndale Centre at about 8pm on Friday.

Detailed Picture Drawn by Detectives about Abedi's Movement

Detectives say they have built up a "detailed picture" of his movements since he came back to Britain on 18 May, reportedly from his family's native Libya.

They said that one of the last places Abedi went was the city centre Granby Row flats, where they believe he put the final touches to his bomb.

At 10.30pm, he detonated the ‘highly sophisticated’ device.

22 People Were Killed & 119 Left Injured

Abedi, 22, killed 22 people and left 119 injured when he detonated an improvised explosive device after an Ariana Grande concert at the city's Arena venue.

This is the moment armed police raided the south Manchester red brick semi home of concert suicide bomber Salman Abedi

Handcuffed: Abedi's brother Ismail is taken into custody by police

Forensic teams were seen going in and out of the house and found a pamphlet on chemicals

An army bomb disposal team in Moss Side, Manchester, where raids were carried out throughout the week after the terror attack

A policewoman comforted a young girl following the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena on Monday night. Her mother was later found to have died in the attack

A man is pictured wrapped in foil and bleeding from a head wound after being caught up in the explosion at the Manchester

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