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Published on: 16/07/18 9:44 AM


Internet surfing has now become a powerful tool of studies. According to Google India Study, more than 60% of Indian students use the internet as a source of information related to education. In the same research, India ranked second in the education search after the US.

For the understanding of the concept and good scores, students use the Internet in a large number in the country and the In this way, the right technique for surfing on search engines can be helpful. Actually, Google Search Operator Skills is proving to be helpful in professional life as well as studying. Any common resume can be made special due to this. The nuances of surfing skills can help you. Some tips for better results in Google search ;


Google search operators allintitle: help in a specific search. This result is associated with the search term inserted in the search box. For example, in the search box, type allintitle: virus definition and “definition”. it will show the same link, which will have the title “virus” and “definition” in the webpage. When searching, insert the query keyword with allintitle:  in the search box.

location operator in Google News

You can use the location operator in Google News to get results related to a particular location. like Car Accident Location: Delhi, Will show results related to the accident in Delhi. Similarly, Source: whichever medium you want to get the information will help in that search. For example, Source: Discovery News will show you Discovery News related to your own keywords.

Finding Files Types

For find File Format You can use filetype: to search pdf, excel or word document. For example, the Economic slowdown filetype: pdf will show you the PDF file associated with the economic slowdown.


Define: helps you in the google search to find the definition of any word.


Related: will help in finding a website similar to a particular website. For example, on searching Related: corsera.org, links of other free online courses will appear.

Using Quotation mark

If your operator is not working then try to find by putting a space after the colon or else it is a space, try removing it and then search. Quote your keyword by quotation marks like “College Admissions in India” by putting a quotation mark on your query, Google finds it a phrase and does not break it. That is, trying to find the same phrase instead of the result associated with it.

Using Google calculator

Google’s calculator works much better than your computer calculator. Type any Maths Problem in the number form in the google search box and you will get the answer. Remember, it works only for numerical values. This job does not work for reasoning questions.

Using asterisk *

Use an asterisk (*) (star in common language) on forgetting a word in a phrase or sentence. For example, where there is * there is a*, in which (*) Will help you to fill the empty space with the correct word.

We can also get the result by connecting two searches with the colon. For example, Movies: Politics will show you a list of films based on politics.

Using google alarm

If you are working on your computer or laptop, you can get help from Google alarms to set the time limit. You just have to type in the search box. Timer, after that you can set the time according to your desired time limit to finish the work.you can set alarm for 5, 10 20 minutes and so on.

Using Google Image Search

If you do not know the name of a photo and you want to find some related image from that photo online, then you can get help with Google Image Search. You just have to click on the image option above in your right side in Chrome, after which Google Image Search will open .drop whatever you want to find a related image from the image, Google will show the similar same image related to your uploaded image.

Using Tool Option

When you search for something on google, it shows the number of different result from multiple sources. so if you want the result with a specific time, country and category, you can use the tool option which option is available above in your right side in SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

I have tried to add every available option in this post which can help you in advance searching on google. if this list still incomplete let me come to know in the comment box.



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