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Office Life Is Best Described By These Movies..!!

Published on: 18/06/18 12:12 PM

Do You Know What Exactly Is Corporate Office ??

How many of you have actually lived a corporate life to its full? The majority I guess. There is a list of instances that are well defined by some movies. So let’s know what are those movies that can already relate to the employee’s pain. What’s your corporate story from your professional life?

What Are Meetings For Employees ??

Meetings are not less than a trap to make you stay for extended hours at the office. Especially when you are not interested in that idiotic meeting that doesn’t even invite your presence but you have to attend because of your boss ego.

Only Room That You Shouldn’t Enter Without Brains..!!

Anyone can tolerate your childish behavior and stupid jokes but definitely not your boss. You have to present yourself as mature and alert in front of him else you are going to regret being stupid. As he will make you the center of all jokes and makes fun of you sarcastically.

What Your Appraisal Sound Like Despite Being Good Enough?

Most companies despite having the best resources don’t go for doing an appraisal of employees. As they believe it’s like emptying their stack of profits. When the boss goes angry on being asked for a day off by an employee how can they understand the position of increasing salary of an employee.

Who Loves Doing It On Week Offs??

Few geeks are higher in the profession that loves to work and at the end complicate things for others.

All Important Works Start Comming To You When Its Your Time To Leave Office..!!

I guess most of you can relate to this especially the ones having unorganized bosses.

What Are Bosses For Some?

Employee Boss Relation - Office Life

Not all bosses, but definitely some bosses kill the oxygen of employee and let them depend on artificial air.

How Bosses Expect Work From Employees Despite Considering Employees Future??

office employee situation - work life

Employees work day and night to make the company grow and are expected to work more in a single day as a company believes in replacing you tomorrow. So your position in the company is like- Kal Ho Na Ho.

This Movie Completely Sums Up What Is Corporate Office-

bollywood movies on workplace

Employees are the real warriors who fight all odds and choose to hustle despite being treated as the pawn of the company.

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