OMG!! An Adult Video Gets Circulated In Whatsapp Group Of Congress

Published on: 10/07/17 12:12 PM

Once in our life, it happened with all of us that accidentally we have sent the wrong message in the wrong group and it made us embarrassed of it. Just something like this happened with members of Goa Congress Whatsapp Group and it created an embarrassing moment for all members of the group.

One of a member of Goa Congress Whatsapp group shared an adult video & it got circulated in their official Whatsapp group. The video was sent by a former party office-bearer.

Whatsapp is now a vast medium to share info and details. So does this group is, which has almost 80 Congress leaders & Journalists as members and it is a medium for media communication. A press release and press conference invites are sent for journalists in the group.

Later Sunil Kawthankar, Chief Spokesperson of Goa Congress apologized to the journalist for the mistake and the culprit Whatsapp member Barnabe Sapeco was removed from the group.

Sunil Kawthankar said,

 “It is a very serious issue. The erring member has been removed from the group. As an admin, I apologize to all members for this act of one of the members of the group. Such irresponsible act is highly objectionable and cannot be tolerated.”

The former state Congress general secretary Barnabe Sapeco also apologized for his wrongly sent post and said,

“It happened by accident. It was sent to me by someone. It must have been posted on the WhatsApp group accidentally. I apologize for the inconvenience.”


Some mistakes we cannot undo, so don’t you think we should cross check before sending any post over, Whatsapp, Facebook or any other medium? Whats your view on this incident please share with us!!


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