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OMG! Comedy King Kapil Sharma Is Suffering From These Serious Diseases

Published on: 25/07/17 8:39 AM

Comedy King Kapil Sharma has been facing several problems post his flight controversy with Sunil Grover. From low TRP to health issues that Kapil is bearing these days. It Seems like Kapil’s health and career are in downfall that has a huge impact on his life.

Omg Kapil Suffering From "Diseases"

Kapil had to cancel the shoot at last very last moment due to certain health issues. Recently, when Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma arrived on the set for the promotion of their upcoming flick ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ Kapil wasn’t fit. Later, he fainted on the set and shoot got canceled, Kapil was rushed to the nearby hospital. A source close to Kapil said, “We don’t know what happened exactly, but Kapil fainted and was rushed to a hospital. And we were told it was due to stress.”

Omg Kapil Suffering From "Diseases"

After, Which Kapil came live on social media as he promised his fan while interacting live with his fans he looked upset and distressed.

here’s live chat video

Recently Kapil Sharma’s sister Pooja Devgan (Who is married with 2 kids) came to Mumbai to visit her brother and reveal a shocking dilemma Kapil is going through. “These days, Bhai has been suffering a lot of health issues and it’s sad to hear that people are tagging him as an unprofessional. He has always respected his work; he will never give an excuse to cancel his shoot,” Kapil’s sister Pooja told, to a leading media portal.

Kapil Cancelled The Shoots:

Omg Kapil Suffering From "Diseases"

On Wednesday the Mubarakan team Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz and Athiya Shetty came to promote their movie. But unfortunately, the show was canceled because Kapil suddenly fell ill and they had to return back from the set without promoting their upcoming Movie.

Omg Kapil Suffering From "Diseases"

Earlier, Kapil had to cancel the shoot when ‘Guest In London’ team Kartik Aryan and Kirti Kharbanda came on The Kapil Sharma Show set for promotion and shoot was canceled because Kapil got fainted on set.

Kapil’s sister Pooja’s Revelation on TKSS Shoot Cancellation:

Omg Kapil Suffering From "Diseases"

Pooja also added about her brother Kapil recently canceled the shoot of TKSS with Mubarakan star cast because he was seriously ill and not because of any timing issue.

Kapil Sharma’s suffering from Diseases:

#Diabetes and Blood Pressure

Omg Kapil Suffering From "Diseases"

Pooja opened up what has actually happened to Kapil and cleared the false news of his brothers canceled the shoot. “He has been under immense stress due to low TRPs of his show. Stress is raising the glucose levels in his body. And it is not just diabetes; his recently doubled stress is also the cause of low blood pressure. He is frequently falling ill because he doesn’t eat properly at all. Also, doctors have advised him to take proper rest but he is not listening to them either. Stress is taking a major toll on his health. Nobody knows about that, but then, the reports of him fainting on the sets are also completely false,” Pooja further added.

#Kapil undergoing through Depression

 Omg Kapil Suffering From "Diseases"

In the same interview, Pooja also added about Kapil’s health issues and Kapil going under several bouts of depression and yet he hasn’t ever opened it to his family. Pooja also took a dig on the rumors that Kapil canceled the shoot with JHMS because he was busy shooting for his own upcoming flick ‘Firangi’. “The shooting of his film ‘Firangi’ is already over, then why would he ditch the show because of it?” she asked.

Omg Kapil Suffering From "Diseases"

It is very heartbreaking to know how much or beloved comedy king is suffering from health physically and mentally issues. Get well soon Sir!!

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