OMG!! Mukesh Ambani’s Million Dollar “Antilia” Catches Fire

Published on: 11/07/17 5:20 AM

It happened on July 10; a gigantic fire broke out in “Antilia” Mukesh Ambani’s million dollar house. Antilia is the world most expensive resident which has 27 floor and extra ceiling.

Around 9 pm a huge fire started on Antilia’s 6th floor. The fire officials reached there in no time and fire was under control. To rescue around 6 fire brigade vehicles reached on the spot.

The Chief Fire Officer, Rahangade said, “A mobile tower on the ninth floor terrace caught fire and to douse it, three fire engines, two ladder vehicles, and one water tanker were pressed into service,” 

“We got a call at 9:04 PM and fire brigade personnel”We got a call at 9:04 PM and fire brigade personnel reached the spot at 9:13 PM on the Altamont Road,” said MaheshNarvekar, Chief Officer, Disaster Management Cell of theMunicipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. He also said that the fire was confined to a 4G antenna on the ninth floor.

“The blaze erupted on the ninth floor and was extinguished within a few minutes. There was no major loss of property,” a senior civic official said.

The fire spread a lot of scares, but its intensity was very low so situation was under control with the help of security personnel.

The news of fire took no time to spread on social media and even Bollywood director and choreographer Farah Khan Tweeted asap she got the message. Here is her tweet.

It takes no time a small incident to grow big, we should take care of it. Share your views with us.