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This Guy Hasn’t Brushed His Teeth For 20 Years!! The Extent of Damage Will Shock You

Published on: 12/07/17 12:04 PM

From our childhood, we are taught, how much it is important to take care of health and hygiene for our overall well-being. From washing hand to brushing teeth, everything is very important we are told. In our schooldays and when we come to know that any of our classmates haven’t brushed teeth, we used to tease them very badly.

What if you come to know that a man hasn’t brushed for 20 years?? Yes, this 21 YO man claims that he has never brushed his teeth for 20 years.

oral health- man didn't brush teeth

Jay, 21 never visited a dentist in his life. He never feels like to brush his teeth and lack of healthy diet has now worsened the condition of his teeth now.

When the situation was shoddier, he visited a dentist for which he was extremely embarrassed. The mayhem in his mouth leads to losing him his self-confidence, and then he approached a dentist.

In an episode of “Embarrassing Bodies, Dentist” Jay emerged and shared his entire careless act.

oral health- man didn't brush teeth2

Finally, Jay visited a dentist for the first time in his entire life. Dr. James Russell opened up about Jay’s dental cavities and diseases which is one of most common oral disease. 21 YO’s Teeth was covered with tartar, mineral and food debris were formed on his teeth.

The dentist examined Jay and let him undergo X-ray, by which it came to know that he needs to lose his 11 teeth and received dental implants. He had undergone tooth extractions, cleaning, and dental implants.

Now, he has gained his confidence back along with a smile.

oral health- man didn't brush teeth3

He said he will take care of his teeth and will brush daily from now onwards.

Here is Jay’s full makeover, Take a Look:

So, if you ever skipped brushing your teeth take a lesson from Jay’s stories and start taking care of your oral. Visit Dentist regularly.

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