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OMG!! This Canadian Host From A Streaming News Channel Stripped Off For Interviewing A Swinging Community In Jamaica !!!

Published on: 10/07/17 7:07 AM

Host Carli Bei from a streaming news channel "Naked News" met & interviewed the swinging community in Jamaica & that too fully Nude.


Carli Bei went to Hendoism II resort in Negril & met with the  members of swinging community who were standing their without a piece of  thread on their body.

She asked them about their past experiences, how they got in swinging & the embarrasing moments they had.

She asked one of the nude couple about the conversation they have while sleeping with other people. 

As a matter of fact the lady replied that "they generally ask about what they liked & disliked. They also ask about how was the couple, is there something I could have done differently or is there something you would like to do.”

Carli talked to a series of couple & asked that what happens when their swinging experiences weren't that much smooth as they expected.

One of the completely Nude men replied that " we met a couple at bar & after two hours conversation we decided to go back to their house again to have some more fun & everything changed".

"Their phone rang & they ran out of the room because they had a family emergency".

The TV Host asked the free spirited couples that whether they are born to be a swinger or it is because of their dating experiences.

One man replied & confessed that after couple of years of marriage he was missing dating & excitement .

Another question that Carli asked a couple was that how they got in swinging & whether one partner convinced the other for swinging.

One man replied "We both were interested to have sex with other people without getting apart from one another, & we both accepted this".

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