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Oppo Disrespected India said, “INDIAN ARE BEGGARS”, Punjab Service Team Gives Be-fitting Reply!!

Published on: 22/07/17 11:29 AM

Oppo Disrespected India said, “INDIAN ARE BEGGARS”

India is huge markets for business for any companies may it is auto mobiles, gadgets or any other. India is a rapidly growing market with Internet penetration expected to grow 2.5 times by 2020, with mobile leading the race.

Despite making a big business in the country the foreign companies never fails make a false statement for India. Earlier the CEO of the Snapchat company Evan Spiegel called India “Poor Country”. This led the company into big trouble.

In March Oppo Chinese employee was found doing false activity for the country. According to the report, The Chinese employee tore the Indian National flag and dumped it in a dustbin, after which Oppo India has to face employees’ huge protest near Vishva Hindu Parishad. Later it was informed that company had fired the Chinese employee.

Oppo Disrespected India said, “INDIAN ARE BEGGARS”

It is very sad to say, once again the unfavourable incident from Oppo Mobile has come forward. In Punjab, a team of Oppo Mobile has resigned from the company saying that the Oppo Company ‘disrespected India and its culture.  According to the report, they were told by their HOD that “Indians are beggars”.

When employees demanded hike in salary this offensive statement was made by the Chinese company.

Oppo Disrespected India said, “INDIAN ARE BEGGARS”

The letter of resignation was first shared on Twitter in which the name of the manager, Arun Sharma who was asked to resign from where the whole issue came to light.

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