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Our Favourite Celebrities Possess Some Strange Habits We Never Knew About..!!

Published on: 9/02/18 12:50 PM

Do You Know This Already…??

Here is a list of celebrities that possess some strange habits we never knew about. Lets scroll through them one by one.

  1. Salman Khan
    Salman Khan Fragrance - Favourite Celebrities Possess Some Strange Habits
    Salman Khan is a bizarre person who is choosy about fragrance. Yes, you heard it right? Our heartthrob Salman is fond of soaps. He is a proud owner of his unique collection of soaps from across the globe. His favorite soap is the fruit extracted soap. From herbal to handmade, designer to exotic fragrance-he owns it all to be the best odor man in B-town.
  2. Shahid Kapoor
    Shahid Kapoor Coffee - Favourite Celebrities Possess Some Strange Habits
    Do you know what’s loved by our chocolate boy? Any guesses? You’ll be amazed to know he is in love with caffeine content, that’s the reason he loves coffee-the most. He is so addicted to coffee that the intake is 10 cups a day.
  3. Amitabh Bachchan
    Amitabh Bachchan Ambidextrous - Favourite Celebrities Possess Some Strange Habits
    The most respectable man of B-town is an ambidextrous man.? Being ambidextrous mean-one can write with both hands that make him an extraordinary brain. Only a few are ambidextrous, are you too on this list?? There is more to big-B’s story, whenever he travels- he wears- two watches-one of Indian time zone and other of the place they are traveling.
  4. Priyanka Chopra
    Shoes Obsession Priyanka Chopra - Favourite Celebrities Possess Some Strange Habits

    Beautiful Priyanka is not just graceful but is also the most organized lady of B-town. She is- obsessed with shoes and is a proud owner of over 80 pairs of designer shoes ranging from all colors to all brands. She has an inclination towards-studded pumps, booties and slingbacks and have a superb collection of the same.
  5. Sunny Leone
    OCD Sunny Leone - Favourite Celebrities Possess Some Strange Habits
    Most desired and men’s favorite porn star -sunny showcased her habit on the sets of Jism 2. While shooting she got her feets washed after every 15 minutes. She suffers from- OCD(obsessive-compulsive disorder).  She can delay shooting for her habit.
  6. Sushmita Sen
    Snakes Love Sushmita Sen - Surprising Habits of Bollywood Celebrities

    Miss Universe crowned Sushmita possess strang habit. don’t be shocked? It sounds crazy but Sushmita is- fond of snakes.  She loves snakes so much that she –pets a python in her home.  She loves the breeze bath in open terrace and has placed- her bathtub on the terrace.
  7. Saif Ali Khan
    Spending Hours in Bathroom Saif Ali Khan - Surprising Habits of Bollywood Celebrities

    Nawab of Bhopal-Saif Ali Khan is a “King” in the true sense. As he owns a bathroom that –has a library with a telephone extension. Keep guessing how much time he invests in his bathroom while reading or talking every morning??
  8. Ayushman Khurana
    Clean Teeth Ayushman Khuranna - Surprising Habits of Bollywood Celebrities

    Cutiepie Ayushman has made girls fall for his smile, is that true? He cares for his teeth like a pro that his dental kit travels with him wherever he goes. Ayushman likes to brush his teeth often and is careful about food when it comes to his teeth.
  9. Preti Zinta
    Clean Toilets Priety Zinta - Quirky Habits of Bollywood Celebrities

    What is our pretty dimple girl obsessed about, do you know ?? To surprise, she is a cleanliness master as she- loves clean bathrooms and she loves her toilet the most. She is particular about leaving bathroom clean after use. Also, she checks on bathroom’s cleanliness before booking a hotel for herself.
  10. Vidya Balan
    Sarees Obsessions Vidya Balan - Quirky Habits of Bollywood Celebrities
    Strong actress Vidya Balan is habitual of silk. She has over 800 silk sarees in her closet and is so habitual of wearing it that she evens-sleep wearing a saree. She is graceful old-school and is not addicted to her cell phones. Most of the time she forgets to check on her phone for days making her miss some events she could possibly attend.
  11. Shah Rukh Khan
    Video Games SRK - Quirky Habits of Bollywood Celebrities
    King of romance too have some habits to reveal, do you know? To surprise, he kept his child alive in him, as he is obsessed with video games. He owns an entire floor in Mannat dedicated solely to gaming gadgets. He even invites his friends to participate in competitions. But he hates being clicked while eating, I think no one likes being clicked then??  As it gives an impression as if we are the people who eat rest just smell the air and walk away..!!
  12. Rani Mukerji
    Smoking Rani Mukherjee - Quirky Habits of Bollywood Celebrities

    An actress with beautiful eyes -Rani, is a private person. She barely interacts with media and holds some addictions too. Rani is a chain-smoker but do you know that her morning starts with a puff. Get inspired by good habits and leave the rest behind…!!

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