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Remember Arshad Khan Pakistani Chaiwala? His Original Identity Will Definitely Break His Fans Heart!

Published on: 13/07/17 11:30 AM

NADRA claims Arshad Khan belongs to Afghanistan
Pakistani chaiwallah Arshad Khan

A Social Media is a platform that has all power to make one’s life. It takes no time to any stories to get viral among people on the internet.

Remember Pakistani Chaiwala who once ruled the internet and gained a lot of popularity when a photographer from Islamabad, Jiah Ali uploaded his picture on her Instagram account and captioned it, “hot tea”.

Here is Jiah Ali’s Instagram Post:


Later Jiah posted some more of his picture and he then he started ruling over the internet.


After which his dreamy blue eyes won millions of hearts. Later Arshad got many modeling offers from companies. He also expressed his interest in acting. He was also featured in many video albums.