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Papakolea- Green Sand Beach

Published on: 21/12/18 5:07 PM

Go where the sand is greener!! You will listen to this from the people when you’ll visit Hawaii island. Yes on the Hawaii island you will find a green sand beach known as Papakolea. 

The shores of the Papakolea beach were formed nearly 50,000 years ago after an eruption of the Muana Lava volcano. The lava contained olivine crystals which give the sand its green hue. Olivine is locally known as “Hawaiian Diamond” and is denser and tougher than the ash fragments, glass and black pyroxene that make up the rest of the volcanic material at the beach.

Papakolea beach - Green Sand
Olivine crystals

Nestled on the southernmost point of Hawaii’s Big Island, this beach is one of the four green sand beaches in the world.

The best time to visit Papakolea beach is early and, if you want to avoid the large crowds, on weekdays. Visiting early will make the hike in more pleasurable because of the cooler temperatures.

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