Tap Card-First Offline Payment Solution Is Launched Today By Paytm!

Published on: 28/04/18 7:34 PM

Tap Card- “The First Offline Payments Solution”

One97 Communications Limited runs Paytm, and is the owner of major digital payment. Today, it announced the launch of its first offline payments solution named as the Paytm Tap Card. This Tap card is in line with a companies vision that aims for an offline payment solution for non-internet customers. Now customers have an offline method of payment that can now do the payment offline with the help of “Paytm Tap Card”. This is an unexpected and heart-wrenching surprise from Paytm to all of us. As it’s “India’s First Offline Payments Solution“.

What Is TAP Card?

Paytm is able to bring offline payment live by giving birth to an offline payment method in collaboration with Yeldi.com. That is a digital payment company, focussing on NFC or Near Field Communication. This is not the first time when Paytm has introduced an offline payment concept: In 2015, they introduced QR code based offline payments. Now, now, they have taken a leap forward and employed NFC-based offline payments. Paytm Tap Card is the foundation, that works without Internet. Yeldi developed the NFC enabled card that helps in Paytm Tap Card to function.


With the use of this card, you can make offline payment. The technology used by this card is Near Field Communication (NFC), that will facilitate a simpler, easier and convenient digital payment method. Its offline method that can be used at Paytm-issued, NFC PoS terminals, in seconds. For making a payment user can add money from their Paytm account just by scanning the QR code on the Tap Card. That will help in authentication at any of the add value machines (AVM). Merchants will get Paytm-issued NFC PoS Terminals installed so that users can do an offline payment done in less than 0.5 secs. This technology will be beneficial in zones like- offices, schools, and colleges.

How Will This Payment Mechanism Work?

You might be wondering how will this tap card work offline that it will help in doing payment offline. This is how the payment mechanism work step by step.

  • Step 1: Paytm user with no Internet connection on visiting a merchant for buying products can use his balance for payment.
  • Step 2: User can simply scan the QR code on his Paytm Tap Card, and load the card with their Paytm money.
  • Step 3: The Paytm Tap Card will be scanned at (AVM) Add Value Machines installed with the merchant, that uses NFC mechanism to make payment. Paytm Tap Card is pre-loaded with Paytm money, you can skip the Step 2 if it has a load on the card.
How Will TAP Card Work?

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