People Do These 7 Uncommon Things In Bathroom Beside Nature Call

Published on: 8/08/18 12:09 PM

Why do you use your bathroom? for getting fresh, taking a bath or brushing or for a nature call. May these are the common use of bathroom but nowadays the ease of the use of the bathroom has been totally changing.

People do some uncommon things in the bathroom beside nature call. And this is increasing continuously. It happens because people find their self fully alone.

Some of these habits are so natural that is found in most people, but some habits are quite unusual, doing so is bad for your health, as well as it also produces many types of disorders.

Talking on phone


Talking on the phone has also become the habit of people. Many people keep talking about several minutes in the bathroom. The benefit of this place is that it does not create any obstacles in their conversation as well as openly gives them an opportunity to speak their every point in any manner.



Many people are such that their sleep is never fulfilled. When he is away from one place, he sleeps somewhere and when he is unable to complete his sleep quota in the second place, he likes to go to such a place where no disturbance has been put in his sleep. This place is the bathroom. Even today there are many people in the world who often fall asleep in the bathroom.



What to do in life. What not to do. What to do today, what to do tomorrow. all such thoughts take place in the bathroom. it adds the wings in the person’s dreams. Many people take many important decisions of their careers, even sitting on the pot. Perhaps for them, Pot is a place in the world that allows the person to think freely and think deeply

To show frustration


When people get themselves self-caught in something or any situation which fills them with disappointment, the first thing that happens to them is moving toward the bathroom. Many people use bathroom many times in a day, so it is not necessary that they went because of nature calls. There may be any annoyance behind this and try to know to his/her problem to figure out the solution for this situation.

To Adorn


Workers, students who work and study in the offices and schools and people in public places just hang on to the bathroom so that they can set their hair and see their face map. If there is a mirror in the bathroom then it becomes more frequent.

Using mobile


Sticking to the phone has become a habit of many people. Some people use mobile for work, so some people have no work except using mobile in every place And by this, they do not leave the bathroom too. Many people sit in the toilet and chat for hours and browse the internet over the mobile. Such people should know that the use of mobile in the bathroom can be harmful to their health. Because radiation emerging from the mobile provides a favorable environment for bacteria present in the bathroom and the excess of these bacteria around you can make you sick at any time.

Preparing for Taking Action

To prepare themselves for any task, the person often goes to the bathroom. This usually happens before and after the interviews or, to get angry at somebody, even then, to get angry at their self.



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