Personality Traits That Speaks Volume About Our Emotional Health..!!

Published on: 30/04/18 4:38 PM

Traits That Speak For You?

Reading a trait of a person is tough but here we have a list of traits that can help you heal others. There are some evident instances that can be read closely.

1-He/She Is Sad


If a person sleeps a lot, psychology says that the person is going through some emotional turbulence and is facing a storm on the inside that is making him sad.

2-He/She Is Weak


Do you know someone who can’t cry? If yes, read this carefully, psychology says only a strong person can cry and not the weak one.

3-Happy Go Lucky


If you are happy and complain about less sleep, this one is for you..!! People who are happy sleep less as compared to the sad ones. The happier you are, the less sleep you need.

4-He/She Is Innocent


If someone cries at little things they are a real softie at heart. Psychology says people who are innocent and not witty tend to cry out their heart being innocent species. Try to be a pro at handling emotional outbursts tactfully. So, say no to tears, girl..!!

5-Its All About Priority


No one is ever busy in life, its all about priorities and that’s so damn true. If you don’t get text reverted to the girl you love, dear boy its time to move on, it applies vice verse as well. Don’t cling to their shoulder as you don’t belong in their life and they proved it to you by ignoring your care and by not reverting to your text.

6-She Want Someone To Hear


Do you know a girl who shares her problem with you? Psychology says that if a girl shares her problem with you, know that you are special. As girls don’t open up with every guy on the street like guys who fall for every girl they see on the street. She wants you to hear that’s why she shares it with you. She doesn’t seek advice so never comprehend that she needs one, until asked.

7-They Need Love


If someone gets angry on petty things they badly need the love therapy. Psychology says people who tend to get angry are patients that need affection therapy the most.

8-They are Tense


Have you ever observed someone eating abruptly in front of you?? Definitely-you would have observed someone. Psychology has an answer to this behavior. People who eat in an abnormal manner tend to face some problem in the real life.

9-Loyalty A Trait Of Intelligent


People who can commit and stay loyal to one girl or guy for long, tend to be happier than the one who only wishes to increase their number of love affairs. Psychology researchers have found only a strong man can stay committed and loyal to one girl. As intelligent people tend to be faithful in a relationship and don’t tend to cheat in a relationship. A boy chases many girls as they have never felt what exactly is love? As they have only chased lust and named it to love, mistakenly. A real man dares to commit, care and love just one girl in million ways and never get bored of her.

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