Its Time To Pamper Your Adorable Pets To Care Them Better This Summer !

Published on: 19/04/18 5:55 PM

Summer Special Tips To Pamper Your Pet!

summer health tips for your pets

Pets are undoubtedly adorable so let’s not miss to take care of our sweetie pie this summer. We have a list of pets with methods to pamper your adorable this summer. Let’s know these pets who are eagerly waiting to get your care. As pets communicate non-verbally so it’s our duty to understand our pets to pay attention to their needs completely.

1-Red Eared Slider

tips to keep your turtle cool

The red-eared slider is an American breed of turtle that needs your love and cares more this summer. Make sure your pet has a chilled water tub this summer and gets his needs fulfilled. “Feed your turtle until it eats” is a wrong thing to practice. Best is to understand them and their diet. If they love curd, ice cream or even non-veg give them the treat they have been asking from you for long. It’s not like they are demanding its just that they need the energy to entertain and cheer you up.


hot weather safety tips for fish

Fish as a pet is even more fun to keep. All you need is to understand water temperature required for your fish to breath. Test your aquarium water for your fish to set the perfect temperature for your fish to live. Don’t fill excess water instead maintain oxygen level of water. Water is air for fish so make sure to change at least 25% of aquarium’s water once a month. This will help maintain a clean and healthy tank, plus it keeps nitrate concentrations at a safe level. Make sure you clean the sides of the tank to not let your pet eat something which is harmful to their body. Purchase a brush to clean the sides of the aquarium and ensure your hands don’t contact with water as it can cause you a fungal infection.


pet care summer tips for dogs

Make sure your dog is never locked up in the car especially in summer time. To pet a dog is not a cake walk, as you need to make sure they too stay hydrated. Ensure there is access to fresh water, a shady stay, keep them inside the house when its hot outside. Don’t make him walk on the hot floor outside as it will burn dog’s paws. Keep your dog safe from external parasites like fleas, ticks, and earthworms, consult a doctor if needed but don’t ignore it.


cats summer health tips

Cat’s need shade as well as fresh water to stay cool to keep her cool. Keep her vaccinated and check her paws often to ensure she is free from insect bites, as it can be dangerous for your cat. If your cat is bitten, consult your veterinarian immediately.


rabbit summer care tips

Rabbits need your love as they wish to be pampered more this summer. Make sure you have a house that has wires concealed and a home created just for them to live. Provide your rabbits with carrots, grass hay or oat hay. Supplement your rabbit’s food with fresh vegetables that are rich in fibers and fresh to consume. Provide them with a cardboard box having holes to let them peek into surroundings. Care for them this summer by grooming your pet rabbit to make them feel king of the house. Make a genuine effort by understanding your rabbit’s behavior to construct an unbreakable bond with them.


Summer health tips for love birds

Their diet can be enriched with fruits and greens. The percentage of body fat affects the regulation of the body temperature. Birds will increase their water intake and reduce their food intake and activity in summer. They will stay in shaded areas and avoid sunny areas. Breeders should not be an obstacle to their well-being; instead, they should fulfill their needs.

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