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Pilot Makes Blind Emergency Landing After Huge Hailstone Demolished The Plane’s Windshield.

Published on: 2/08/17 11:06 AM

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A horrifying incident was about to take place when a gigantic hailstone smashes plane windscreen that causes huge damage to the plane’s front. The Airbus A320, Ukrainian captain Alexander Akopov bravely made an emergency landing and saved the lives of 121 passengers and six cabin crew members onboard.

The captain was awarded a national medal (Ukrainian) of Courage for successfully and safely landing the Airbus at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul and saving 127 lives, on Thursday.

 Gigantic Hailstone Demolished The Windscreen Of Plane

After 10 minutes when the plane took off, hailstones size of eggs shattered the windscreen of Airbus and left an enormous hollow in the tourist jet, and shut down its autopilot.

Gigantic Hailstone Demolished The Windscreen Of Plane

A special permission was given to the pilot who took off for Erkan, Cyprus to land at Ataturk airport though it was closed due to bad weather.

Oleg Lungul यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शुक्रवार, २८ जुलै, २०१७

After landing safely Captain Akopov said: “I have been flying for 30 years. Well, did you see the plane landing? Was it OK? The passengers are alive. It is normal. This is our professional reliability.”

Captain Akopov was honored by the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, who conferred the Order for Courage on him.

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