Why PM Modi’s Meeting With The Queen Is Now A Viral Meme?

Published on: 22/04/18 11:48 AM

These Memes Are A Humor Treat To Your Stomach!

Currently, PM Modi is in the UK, talking about international relations and be a part of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. When PM was engrossed talking with Queen Elizabeth who was wearing a dress to a surprise, the people on twitter got focused on making memes about his visit to the UK. Any guesses, why so? Remember when Priyanka Chopra met PM, she was trolled and shamed by people for wearing a “dress.”

The Public Reactions Of Empty-Headed People Were-
Haw, how can she show her legs
while meeting the
most respected person in the country?

Where are those internet trolls who pointed Priyanka for being herself? I bet this meme creator would himself died laughing at his LOL creations. As the question about the dressing came into being from the UK that was earlier blamed for dressing when Priyanka met PM is again red circled. Just like gems, this cultures came from the UK so why will people leave PM’s UK tour without a troll.and honestly, Thanks, twitter for challenging the mentality, hope it brings about some respect about dressing of women in our country. Let’s begin with the list of mems that trolled to fill the heart of people with happy bubbles.

1- Hey Queen, I Got You A Sari !


2- Are You The Titanic One?


3- You Don’t Know Me!
4-When She Asks About Your Choice!

5-Extremely Frank About Intentions


6- Being Polite Is Good


7- Diamond Greetings Defining Reason For Meeting

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