10 Actors/Actresses Who Passed Away Before Living The Fame Their Work Earned For Them

Published on: 11/05/18 11:20 AM

There have been many great actors and actresses who amazed the whole world with their acting skills. It was their dedication and acting skills which turned millions of people into their fans. You may probably know all the active stars, but what about those who passed away before living the fame? Such tragic events took place all around the globe and these are the ten actors/actresses whose death shook the whole world.

1. Paul Walker


It was November 30, 2013, when Paul Walker had passed away in a car accident. He had worked in several films along with some great actors. It was the Fast & Furious movie that turned Paul into a global celeb. He died just before the release of Fast & Furious 7. His demise shook the whole world and it was a huge shock for all the Paul Walker fans.

2. Heath Ledger


People used to tag him as a “Pretty Boy” when he was doing TV series. Heath tried his best to remove that tag and he got that opportunity in “The Dark Knight”. He was portraying Joker’s character in this movie. The movie was filmed and it was about to release, but before that the iconic actor passed away. Heath died on 22nd January 2008 and the movie was released on 18th July 2008. It was a huge shock for people to learn that the Joker lived in the movie, but not in the real life.

3. Divya Bharati


Divya Bharati was Bollywood’s queen. She had worked in several high-grossing movies and established her name as a successful artist in the film Industry. Though she was a teenager, she was effectively portraying some great characters in her movies. The Indian film industry and Bollywood fans were in shock after learning about Divya Bharati’s premature demise on April 5th, 1993. Her death was a shock because she died because of falling down from her fifth-floor apartment. Many still do not believe that it was just an accident.

4. Bruce Lee


You may have seen him in some movies or on some videos that people often share to amaze their friends. Everything about this man was amazing. He was a great martial artist and his moves were simply mesmerizing. Some people also believe that the credit of popularizing martial arts in the west goes to Bruce Lee. People loved his martial arts skills and people also loved his acting skills. Unfortunately, the most famous martial artist in the world had passed away only at the age of 32. It was a heartbreaking news for all the Bruce Lee fans across the globe.

5. Marilyn Monroe


People still call her the prettiest actress, who worked in the Hollywood movies. She was an actress, a model, a singer, and the sex symbol for every American. She worked in many movies and all of her movies were superhit. People used to praise her as the beauty queen, but their queen left the world at the age of 36 years. The police had said that the cause of her death is “probable suicide”, but many experts still disagree with cause. Marilyn could offer more entertaining movies and unforgettable moments if she were still alive.

6. Madhubala


If there was a Bollywood actress who had a million dollar smile, it was Madhubala. Her real name was Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlavi, but she had chosen Madhubala as her screen name. Millions of Indians know her by her Anarkali character in the Mughal-e Aazam movie.

Though she was touching new heights in the Indian film industry, her heart was getting weaker with every passing year. She had born with complex heart conditions and the cure was not available during those days. She had died at the age of 36 years during 1969. The Bollywood movie fans still consider her as the most beautiful actress who worked in the Indian film industry.

7. Aaliyah Dana Haughton


She was an emerging American recording artist, dancer, actress, and model. She died a tragic death because of a heroin and alcohol addicted pilot, who was piloting under influence of alcohol and drug. She was only 22 when she died and it was a heartbreaking news for all the Aaliyah fans across the world.

8. River Jude Phoenix


A popular American actor and activist, River Phoenix was the oldest brother in the Phoenix family. He had appeared in over 24 TV shows and movies. The viewers liked his performances and praised his acting skills. Though he was a great actor, the addiction of drugs caused a major threat to his life. He died during 1993 because of taking an excessive quantity of cocaine and heroin. He was just 23 and that’s why his death was a big blow for all of his fans.

9. Sridevi


Sridevi, the first female superstar of the Indian film industry, is called the gem of Bollywood. She appeared in numerous Bollywood movies and most of them were big hits. She had recently started her 2nd inning in Bollywood with the “English Vinglish” movie, but this inning did not last as long as her first tenure in the Indian film industry. She died on 24th February 2018 because of accidental drowning. Millions of people were rushing to see her last time during her funeral and it shows how much people loved her.

10. Jiah Khan


Jiah was an emerging Bollywood actress, who had begun her career with Bollywood’s Angry Young Man “Amitabh Bachchan”. She was a great actress and she could be a part of many hit movies if she could live. The cause of her death is still a big controversy, but a suicide note was discovered later in which was presented as a proof of her suicide.


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