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Pregnant Doctor Choose To Deliver Her Patients Baby First & Later Deliver’s Her Second Child!!

Published on: 3/08/17 11:02 AM

Every profession has its own challenges and responsibility, but being a doctor is one of the most crucial professions that need immediate action. In fact, Doctor’s are no less than God for us, they are responsible for lives of many.

Doctors showing faith and devotion to their profession and patients make them above from all. Just like this a brave doctor in the US made a quick decision and showed empathy for her fellow patient and went further to help her patient to deliver her baby first.

Doctor Chose To Deliver Her Patients Baby

Dr. Amanda Hess is an obstetrician at Kentucky Regional Medical Center was about to go in labor room to deliver her own baby but ended up delivering a baby of another pregnant woman’s first.

Dr. Amanda was just about to wear her patient gown to deliver her child, that very moment she heard cries of another distressed patient who needed urgent medical attention to get rid of her pain and deliver her baby.

At that time Dr. Amanda worked like super women and without giving a second she got into action and decided to deliver the patients baby first. Even she was just a few hours away from delivering her own child.

The consulting physician was on its way to the hospital but there were no minutes wait for the physician because baby’s heartbeat was declining. Hence, Dr. Amanda decided to take charge of the delivery.

Doctor Chose To Deliver Her Patients Baby

As reported by the USA Today, Dr. Hess said:

I had actually taken a call the day before, so I thought really that I was working up to the last minute. But this was literally ’til the last second. I put on some boots over my flip flops and found another gown to cover myself up and did put my stuff to deliver on and delivered a baby.

Dr. Hess successfully delivered the girl child of the patient and later, gave birth to her second child. This entire Incident was shared on Facebook by Dr. Hala Sabry.

Hats off to this #DrMom and member of Physician Moms Group #PMG, Dr. Amanda Hess! This picture was taken minutes after…

Dr. Hala Sabry यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, २५ जुलै, २०१७

This inspiring story of doctor has proved that they are no less than a ‘God’. Hats off Lady!!

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