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Proud To Be An Indian: This Israeli Flower Is Named In Honor Of The Indian PM.

Published on: 13/07/17 11:11 AM

Indeed, a #Grcolorfulnership!,” Israel’s official Twitter handle said in a tweet. “Chrysanthemum flower will be named in honor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The flower will be called ‘Modi’,” Office of the Prime Minister tweeted.

Danziger flower farm is Israel’s foremost floriculture company founded in 1953, located in Moshav Mishwar. which is spread over approximately 80,000 sq. meters of state-of-the-art greenhouses specializing in the reproduction of plants.

PM Modi
PM Modi

“A symbol of blooming In a special gesture, a new fast growing variety of chrysanthemum flower named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Gopal Baglay tweeted.

“Commemorating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, Danziger Flower Farm names the flower Chrysanthemum as ‘Modi.’, on the name of Prime Minister,” Press Information Bureau said in a tweet.

It’s Proud moment for all Indian’s and here’s how people are reacting to it!!


Hats off Modi Ji !! You made us feel proud to be an Indian!!

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