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Public Toilets Of The World That Might Make You Feel Amused And Also Disgusted!

Published on: 18/08/17 3:59 AM

Here are 10 Public Toilets of the World That Might Make You Feel Amused and Also Disgusted!

Just as the Movie “Toilet: Ek Prem Katha” in which Akshay Kumar inspires everyone to install private Toilets in their home, a lot of countries in the world have already covered it before India. Toilets are indeed an important part of human’s life, and it is not hygienic at all for anyone to visit public places for a latrine. 

Governments from every country have installed Public toilets for everyday people, and thus, everyone is relieved. Here are 10 Public Toilets of the World That Might Make You Feel Amused and Also Disgusted.

1. Malawi, East Africa


The urine division is working now on the public toilets of Malawi, East Africa. There is scarce of public toilets in the whole village, and the government is now planning to increase the number of public toilets in the village now.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland


Can you pee it well when somebody is staring at you, or you are the villain when you are peeing on someone's pictures? The above picture is a proof of it.

3. Seoul, South Korea


Sometimes visiting the public toilets in Seoul, South Korea might seem to be in a world of fantasy. There are some interesting ice bathrooms for the tourists in the ice gallery. However, it is very much enjoyable to sit and also take and attractive selfie.

4. Beijing, China


You might feel a lot more secured here to pee. There are many bulletproof public toilets installed here at Beijing, China because the government wishes your security at least while you are peeing.

5. China


If you have heard and seem more about the group "peeing," then why not about group "hugging"? The systems of most of the Chinese Public Toilets are similar to this. You might better wish to be leaving your stool in your home latrine here.

6. Kenya


The public toilets in Kenya are never advanced, and if you ever wish to visit there, you would just feel that you are being placed in a village of India. The toilets in Kenya are very similar to that of India.

7. Chongqing, China


Now, this might make you entirely amused as well. The Chongqing, China is a complex of almost 1000 toilets in a four-storey building. It has different shapes for every toilet installed, which makes the place to be wonderful.

8. London, England


London, England is typically advanced in technology and looks into the matter of getting everything clean. Here is such an example of a public toilet within the city. This is a firehouse themed restroom in a London Pub.

9. Netherlands


Having a glass or a can of beer in Netherlands is very much common nowadays. This is the reason why the Netherlands has to install public toilets here and there. People in Netherlands would love to have a chat during a leak.

10. Japan


Traditionally, the country of Japan has public toilets which are more like the Squat toilet system present in India. However, their toilets have a brilliant sanitation system in order to manage the wastage and use it as a fertilizer. Technology is getting advanced!

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