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Qatar Airways To Get An Emergency Landing When The Wife Caught Her Husband Cheating On Her

Published on: 9/11/17 2:49 PM

Have you heard about the most awkward incident when the reputed Qatar Airways was forced to make an emergency landing? Yes, it is completely true. The incident has been reported by the Times of India. It was all about when a passenger who got spied by her lady via his cell phone.


The Flight was about to Bali which was forced to land urgently just to remove the lady who just lost her temper on finding her husband being cheating on her. It has been reported that the woman was totally drunk and started fighting with her spouse in the flight. The flight crews were trying their best to calm her down but she started having a rude behavior with them too.

What happened when the situation got out of control ?


Yes, it is true, the situation was totally out of control as the flight crews were also unable to calm down the lady. She started fighting with her sleeping spouse within the flight. This was the worst experience for the other passengers which made the pilot to land the flight urgently in Chennai, India.

According to the officials, the woman misbehaved with the crew members as well as with the other passengers too. This is the reason that the flight crews escorted off the lady with her husband and son and then the flight resumed to Bali. The family then boarded the flight back to Doha.

About the passengers being escorted off

The name of the lady is Tamir Raanan while the name of her spouse is Mandy Ifrah. The couple with their three children was escorted off from the flight.

The problem became irritating for the passengers when their one-year-old son started crying loudly by kicking the back of one of the passenger’s seat. The passenger then tried his best to tie the baby’s feet down.

Action taken by the JetBlue flight attendant

The flight attendant asked the family to gather all their things so as to eject them out from the plane. The flight attendant continuously requested the couple to eject from the plane but they refused to do the same which made the attendant being angrier over the couple.

The couple was asking the reason for their ejection again and again but the supervisor refused to give any excuse. The couple was humiliated badly in front of such a great crowd over there in the plane. "The couple was not removed due to the actions of their children but yes, they get removed because of their own behavior," said one of the passengers. The couple then claimed the behavior of the airlines as “false and defamatory.”

Are there any charges being levied on the couple?

Not at all; as there was no criminal activity being performed during the journey, the officials did not levy any charges over the couple. According to the statement reported by the airlines, they refused to say anything about the couple’s privacy. They only reported that the Iranian couple was going on a holiday trip to Bali but the woman found her husband was cheating on her and she lost her temper. The flight was then forced to land immediately at the Chennai Airport.

How did the lady spy ?

The lady spied on her husband via his cell phone and she scanned her husband who was sleeping on the flight. She just unlocked the cell phone of his husband by using his thumb impression when he was asleep. She detected about the affair of her husband with another lady. The crews tried their best to pacify the lady but she was not ready to listen anybody. The entire incident happened on this Sunday morning in the flight number QR-962, being departed from Doha to Bali (Qatar Airways).

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