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Rajasthan man has 75 pins embedded in body, doctors baffled

Published on: 20/05/17 11:25 AM

A man left doctors stumped after an x-ray revealed he had 75 metal pins and needles lodged inside various parts of his body.

Badrilal Meena, 56, was admitted to hospital for a routine surgery on his toe, when doctors noticed he had 'pins and needles' in part of the limb.

The patient and his family have no idea how the objectsended up there, but they were clearly inserted deliberately, doctors said.

The family have been trying to get him treated, but are reportedly being shunted from hospital to hospital.

Of the 75 pins, 40 of them are in Meena's throat

Two metal pins can be seen in both of his arm.

25 Pins Were Found In Meena's Right Leg.

Meena had been admitted to hospital for a surgery on his toe, when doctors noticed the pins

He said: "We got so scared after seeing the pictures. We don't know how the pins got inside his body.

"I have asked him several times, but he has no memory of it."

Doctors at the hospital have said that the pins haven't affected any of Meena's internal organs.

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