Raymond Owner Vijaypat Singhania: Journey Of ‘The Complete Man’ From Riches To Rags

Published on: 17/08/17 10:34 AM

We all have heard a lot of stories about the people who went from rags to riches, but this story is entirely different about a tycoon 'The Complete Man' of India.

Once “The Complete Man,” who was the chairman of the leading apparel group Raymond, Mr. Vijaypath Singhania has been in the news for a verbal dispute between his son.We all have heard a lot of stories about the people who went from rags to riches, but this story is entirely vice versa.


This story is about a tycoon 'The Complete Man' of India; Dr. Vijaypat Singhania, the owner of Raymond Ltd., who brought up a change in the luxury clothing for men in India. Once a millionaire, he has now been left to a life of financial struggle by his own son.


Dr. Singhania is not only the Chairman of Raymond Ltd; but also a keen aviator. He has held the world record for achieving the highest altitude traveling in a Hot Air Balloon at the age of 67. In his own words, Dr, Singhania was very pleased. In an interview, he said:

“I thought let us do something important in life. Therefore I went about preparing for this world record,” he told BBC before taking off. The aviation enthusiast also confessed that flying was “a want, a passion, and an obsession”!


In the year of 1998, Singhania also made another World record for the solo micro flight from the UK to India. Overall, he has an experience of more than 5000 hours of aviation.


To bring up his life experience from the flight from the UK to India, he authored 'An Angel in the Cockpit.' His book shared the thrilling experience he had on his flight way back home.


In the year of 1994, he again won a gold medal in the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale when he participated in an air race for covering a distance of 34000 KM in 24 days. To mark this occasion as a success, he was conferred the rank of Hon. Air Commodore of the Indian Air Force.


From December 20, 2005, Dr. Singhania was declared to be the Sheriff of Mumbai which continued to 19th December 2016. He was succeeded by Indu Sahani for the next year.


It seemed like achievements are a part of his life as in the year of 2006, Dr. Singhania won the Padma Bhushan award which is the third highest civilian award by the Government of India.


The year of 2007 he was nominated to be the Chairman of the Governing Council, IIM Ahmedabad.


The man, who was once one of the richest industrialists in India, is currently living in a rented apartment in Mumbai. According to the sources, Dr. Vijaypat Singhania has filed a petition in the Bombay High Court alleging that he was not given a possession in the 36-storey J.K House on Malabar Hill. However, according to the sources, the owner of Dr. Singhania's share in J.K House is his own son Gautam Singhania.


Advocate Dinyar Madon, who is representing Dr. Vijaypath, along with law firm Bachubhai Munim and Co., claimed that the 78-year-old gave away his everything to his son and now, his son is driving him away from everything. Madon said that Dr. Singhania gave up all his shares of Rs. 1000 crores to his son and now he has been left with nothing by Gautam.

"They are trying to squeeze him (Dr. Singhania) now. All his perks - like a car and a driver -- have been taken away,"  Madon said.


Justice Girish Kulkarni, after hearing both the parties, asked them to try and settle down the case among themselves. "This kind of litigation should not have come to the court at all. It should have been settled at home" , the court observed. The court also passed the injunction order concerning duplex claimed by Dr. Singhania and also asked Raymond to file its reply. The next hearing is scheduled to be on August 22.

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