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Do You Know The Reality Of What Really Lies Behind “New Year Resolution”

Published on: 27/01/18 5:45 PM

Reality Check of “New Year Resolution”

Reasons why no one commits to new year resolutions

It’s gracious to know we have entered into a great grand new year 2018.We welcome New Year with so much energy that it feels like we will attain our goals this year. But it’s sad to know we disappoint our purpose of birth. We don’t commit to the new year resolution we took last year. Only a few accomplish what they decide, rest fails to make up for the promise we did to our self.

New Year ResolutionSource

Let’s take a look at how we actually encounter “New Year”. Here is a list of eye opener about new year resolution namely-

1-Laziness Rules Us
Laziness - Reality Check New Year ResolutionSource

We promise a lot at the start of the year but unfortunately, laziness wins the tug of life. We start New Year in the exciting mood but end up becoming boredom.

2- Jump out of your Comfort Zone
Leave Comfort Zone - Reality Check New Year Resolution

We can attain anything but all it takes is to jump out of our comfort zone which only a few are ready to give up.

3-Winners never Give up
Never Give Up - Reality Check New Year Resolution

We give up on resolutions when things don’t go the way we planned, forgetting the fact if it’s not going as per our plan definitely it’s going as per gods plan.

4-Lack of Vision
Lack of Vision - Reality Check New Year Resolution

Lacking the vision of life make us encounter more hurdles in life.

5- Face your fear
Face your fear - Reality Check New Year Resolution

A good opportunity will challenge you to prepare yourself for a “new version of you”.

6- Determination is the Key
Determination - Reality Check New Year Resolution

We lack the determination to accomplish what we decide.

7- Patience
Patience - Commitment New Year Resolutions

Patience is the sure key to “Success”. But it tastes like a Black Tea which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

8-Strong Willpower
Willpower - Commitment New Year Resolutions

Fewer people have strong will power as majority lack the reason to stay focused on resolutions. Willpower is like a muscle the more you use it the Stronger it gets.

9- Don’t Bluff Yourself
Don't Bluff Yourself - Commitment New Year Resolutions

Don’t commit until you are intentionally willing to do that else don’t bluff yourself.

10- Be Specific
Be Specific - Commitment New Year Resolutions

We pen down a list of things but end up doing none of them. Be specific to what you actually wish to do until then don’t scribble resolutions. Let’s not bluff our self and be headstrong about what we really wish to do this new year.

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