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Here’s Why Indore Is Just Indore NOT Mini-Mumbai

Published on: 3/02/18 12:19 PM

Just Indore Or Mini-Mumbai

I believe every city is beautiful with its good and bad. Just like India which is rich in culture, traditions and various other languages that make it one of a kind. Some still end up comparing cities with that of the metro. Just like a kid is being compared to another kid of his age. We are here to share some experience of people who lived both in Mumbai as well as Indore. Talking about lifestyle in both cities its wrong to call Indore a mini Mumbai as it has its own existence and background. Some strangers on meeting ask where are you from? A person traveling from  Indore shares he/she is from Indore and they are answered by strangers as- “Ohh, Indore, wahi mini-Mumbai na?”

Cheer up Indore We have something to Make Your Existence COUNT- Here are some points that make Indore only INDORE, not Mumbai.

  1. Mumbai is Called The City of DREAMS while Indore is Called The City of CULTURE
    Drem vs Tradition - Why Indore Is Just Indore NOT Mini-Mumbai
    Mumbai is flooded with the population of Maharashtrian just like in Rajasthan, you see the majority of Rajasthanis. But Indore is is a mix. of all and the only place where you find all of the cultures together, yes they are proud Indoris.
  2. Mumbai face RUSH While Indore is CALM
    City Life - Why Indore Is Just Indore NOT Mini-Mumbai
    In Mumbai, all you see in the morning run where some run behind local trains, while some run behind buses and cabs. But,
    Indori mornings start with a cup of a tea also the traditional custom of wishing good morning to neighbors.
  3. Mumbai starts with Vada Pav whereas Indoris have Poha-Jalebi
    Vada Pav vs Pha Jalebi - Why Indore Is Just Indore NOT Mini-Mumbai
    Mumbaikars love eating vada pav while Indoris love to eat poha-jalebi in breakfast.
  4. Weather in both the cities
    Weather - Why Indore Is Just Indore NOT Mini-Mumbai
    Weather in Mumbai is bit unpredictable, but Indore is among those cities that looks beautiful in all seasons. Indore makes you fall for its wether be it summer or winter. Indore has Less traffic, less pollution and more to oxygen.
  5. The nightlife in both the cities
    Nightlife - Why Indore Is Just Indore NOT Mini-Mumbai
    Indoris are foodies, they eat, sleep to wake up and repeat. Latenight is the best time of the day to go on short rides with your friends and partner as Indore’s nightlife is soothing and enjoyable.

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