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Reasons Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Published on: 10/10/18 9:09 AM

“The only women who don’t believe that sexual harassment is a real problem in this country are the women who have never been to workplace.”

We all know what sexual harassment is and heard the related cases but what we can’t experience is what women go through when their dignity is being attacked and put down treacherously by the ugly mindset kind of men. Studies on sexual harassment complaints reveal that women who face degrading acts from colleagues or superiors in workplaces often do not report them out of various fears.

Growing number of sexual harassment cases at workplace

Punam Sahgal and Aastha Dang (2017) conducted research to understand the occurrence and dynamics of sexual harassment at workplaces. Here are the findings.

Do not want to make an issue

Women tend to blame their own friendliness and they do not report the cases because they don’t want to “make an issue”.

Job insecurity

Women also remain silent and refuse to report due to loss of reputation and blame coming on the women themselves.

Fear of not being believed

30% of women have a fear that if they report against the offender it is not sure that anyone who believe on her complaints or not.

Fear of retaliation or sense of revenge by the offender

24% of women have a fear that in future the offender may take a revenge from her if she files a complaint against him.

Lack of confidence in the system

lack of confidence leads to not reporting harassment cases

11% of women believe that they may not get any justice due to fault in the system and thus filing a complaint won’t make any sense.

Not sure if qualified as sexual harassment 

10% of women are not sure whether their complaints are taken into consideration and will the complaint be accepted as sexual harassment.

Fear of public boycott

8% women are scared of public or social backlash when people get to know the about this issue.

Social pressure of not to report

People tend to give advises of not reporting against the offender as it is not necessary to complain.


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