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Richest Car Companies Around The World?

Published on: 11/08/18 6:59 PM

Top 10 Richest Car Companies…!

Most of you might be curious about cars but fewer people know that there are some companies that are world richest companies. And are known for selling cars worldwide and have the highest market capitalization in the automobile industry. Let’s know about these rich car companies.

10.Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V

The company that ranks tenth in richest car manufacturing companies. Fiat has earned a market capital of 33.6 Billion $. And the company was found in Italy, 2014.

9. Nissan

Whereas Nissan is the ninth richest car manufacturing company. The Company has a market capital of 8.92 billion $. The company found its existence on 26 dec 923. The former company was asked to change its focus from everyday vehicles to those used for war. Later it owned independent departments for the manufacture of ships and engines. In 2010 they released a car that solely runs on electricity called the “Leaf”.

8. Ford Motor Corp.

Ford is the eight richest car company having a market capital worth 44.78 billion $. Its a 100 years old company that everyone could recognize. The main ford car was found in 1993. And so the vision of Henry Ford helped drive and inspired many lives.

7. Tesla

Another market leader in car manufacturing industry is Tesla. A company that was found in 2003 by a group of engineers. This company has a market capital of 48.18 billion. The key of this car also has the shape of the Teslasla car and is the first company that sent a car to space.

6. General Motors

The sixth richest car company is “General Motors” and hold a market capital of 52.68 billion $.

5. Honda Motor Corp.

The fifth richest car manufacturing company is Honda. A company that has a Market capital of- 57.48 billion. And have won awards and the car has been featured in the fast and the furious movie as well. The company sold 5 million cars in 2017.

4. Daimler

Daimler market capital of 68.50 billion

Daimler ranks fourth in this list. And has a market capital of 68.50 billion. Former company is the owner of Mercedes Benz. And also manufacture other brands like- commas, fusso Mitsubishi, etc. And is the largest manufactures of trucks. Over 3 million are cars are sold every year. These cars are most purchased in the luxurious car segment.

3. BMW

Whereas BMW ranks third having 71.1 billion market capital. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke and has factories only in 14 countries globally. In 1972 this company manufactured its first electric car and each year it sells premium cars and motorcycle.

2. Volkswagen

The second richest company Market capital of 95 billion. 10 million vehicles were sold in 2017.

1. Toyota Motor Corp.

Toyota company has a market capital of 199 billion$

Toyota company has a market capital of 199 billion$. Its four times larger than Tesla. This company was awarded many times for manufacturing products that last longest. The company is capable of investing a million $ every hour to develop a research within the company. And have created around 300 thousand jobs in the US itself.

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