Road Accidents In India: Most Unwanted Thing To Happen To A Road User

Published on: 4/10/18 2:12 PM

Road accidents in India are a major source of deaths, injuries and property damage every year. As India is growing economically, so are the road accidents.


During 2015, two wheelers have accounted for maximum road accidents (43,540deaths), contributing 29.3% of total road accidental deaths, followed by trucks/lorries (28,910 deaths)(19.4%), cars (18,506 deaths)
(12.4%) and buses (12,408 deaths)(8.3%).

The three highest total number of fatalities were reported in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, and together they accounted for about 33% of total Indian traffic fatalities in 2015.

Top 13 states that accounted for 83.6% of all road accident fatalities

Sl.No States                             No. of accidents
1 Uttar Pradesh                            17666
2 Tamil Nadu                               15,642
3 Maharashtra                              13212
4 Karnataka                                  10856
5 Rajasthan                                   10510
6 Madhya Pradesh                       9314
7 Andhra Pradesh                        8297
8 Gujarat                                        8119
9 Telangana                                   7110
10 West Bengal                             6234
11 Punjab                                       4893
12 Haryana                                    4879



The NCRB 2016 report states that road accidents accounted for 464,674 accidents which caused 148,707 traffic-related deaths in India.  The Road Transport Ministry keeps all the records of all road accidents occured in 2016. As per the record, 1.51 lakh people died in road accidents and the driver was responsible of most of the fatalities( 80.3 of the fatalities).


According to the report prepared by the Transport Research Wing of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, in 2017 nearly three persons died every ten minutes in road accidents across India.

Among vehicle categories involved in road accidents, two-wheelers accounted for the highest share (33.9%) in total accidents and fatalities (29.8%) in 2017.

It has become people’s habit of using cell phones while driving. Many reports states that using mobile phone while driving has become the major cause of road accidents which results into fatalities of many drivers. In a 2017 Government report published, it was found that the risk of fatality is 40 per cent in case of people who are driving and simultaneously using mobile phones resulting in an accident.

By following the traffic rules honestly the chances road accidents can be reduced significantly. According to a study, 90 per cent of accidents are due to driver carelessness and only 10 per cent are due to other causes like ill maintained roads and vehicles.

In the last 10 years, the numbers of road traffic accidents have doubled in India whereas they have decreased by one third in China. Among the major reasons behind the road traffic accidents are sleep deprivation and alcohol intake while driving.

Over speeding, overtaking and over loading are also responsible for increasing number of road traffic accidents. It has also been scientifically proven that when speed increases the number of accidents tend to increase.  According to a police survey conducted in the mountain State of Uttarakhand, the major causes of road accidents are over speeding or over loading. The people are trying to save time by over speeding and over taking.

By knowing the above facts it should be realised that driving is important in our day to day lives. Two-wheelers must wear helmet and four-wheelers should use seat belt. Human resource is the biggest resource and we should try to save it.  One should always think about road safety and his/her personal safety.


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