Rolex- Just A Dream Watch Or More Than That? Facts You Never Know About These Watches?

Published on: 4/07/18 11:15 AM

Rolex Watches Is Beyond A Dream Watch And Has Facts To Reveal…

Why Rolex is a Dream Watch for Everyone

Rolex was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. It was Founded in London, United Kingdom 1905. Whereas companies headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland. This company is a luxurious brand that manufactures wrist-watches. It produces about 2,000 luxury watches per day. Do you know what are those facts we never knew about?

1. Rolex Name Sounds Royal And Doesn’t Have A Meaning

Rolex Watch Founder & Company HistorySource

Hans Wilsdorf found a name that should look royal and should be easy to pronounce. So he made 5 letter combination using all alphabets and after doing around 100 combinations of names he had one simple name- Rolex.

2. Moved From London to Geneva


In 1990 the makers decided to leave London. They moved from London to Geneva in order to cut taxes and makes the cost of production less as compared to the city they earlier choose to market.

3. Rolex Is A Charity

Did you know Facts - Rolex History

Its registered under a charity basis the sources and has kept private about its donations into charity.

4. Making Of 1 Rolex Is Around 1 Year

Time to Build a Rolex Watch - Wiki

Did you know that already? Each watch is individually crafted therefore handmade- to give the best in every watch and 100% customer satisfaction in terms of wrist-watches. As each watch is tested several times before it is rolled out in the market for buyers to buy it.

5. Most Expensive- 1958 Rolex GMT Master Worth- $. 3, 500,000

Why Rolex is Expensive - Wiki

The most expensive watch is 1958 Rolex GMT master was sold for worth $. 3,500,000 million dollars in a Phillips auction, in Geneva. This watch is the only gold watch that was made from 18-carat gold. Rolex has its own Private gold factory and so they make all its products in-house.

6. Its The First Wrist Watch That Received “Class A” Chronometer Certificate

First Wrist Watch Class A KEW Certificate - Rolex Watch HistorySource

These agencies take a rigorous testing of every watch before its released in the market. And this makes it evident why Rolex watch takes around a year to release. This certificate is to honor the excellence of watches to check quality and its performance after every watch is heavy tested.

7. Rolex Watch Can Survive In Any Climate And Anywhere On The Earth

Rolex Watch Endurance - Wiki

Rolex took part in a deep-sea challenge and the result was jaw-dropping as it could survive the harsh weather and still worked perfectly fine under the sea that proved its excellence even more.

8. Guess If Its A Fake Rolex

How to find a Fake Rolex

Beware to not buy a fake watch. Three type of seller- Grey Area, White Area and Black Area Seller. To be sure you have to buy an original watch know that it can never cost under $1000. To know you have an original one know that the second hand of the watch doesn’t tic-tock and runs smoothly over the screen. The Circle displayed on the side of the watch is hard to copy as it shows the exact date. Also, there is a serial number on the watch when it connects to the dial.

9. Breakdown Of Rolex Watch Cost

Why Rolex Watch is Expensive - Cost break up

Based on the research its discovered that Rolex Earns Over 60% Profit Margin on their watch sale. So let’s know the cost break up of a watch costing 10,000$ watch that has a breakdown as follows- Manufactures cost-  3000$ and Sells For 6500 US $. So, it Makes 3500 $ over 54% sale. They earn 6000 US $ for a 10,000$ watch.

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